10 Good Reasons to go to Australia in 2021

Reasons to go to Australia

Australia is a dream, and for good reason! The journey from Europe alone is an adventure in itself. A day later (and 15,000 km further), we find ourselves propelled upside down and to the other side of the planet. Welcome “down under”!

1 – The madness of the great outdoors

Australia is fourteen times the size of France and has only 24 million inhabitants, mostly concentrated on the east coast. Hence this incredible feeling of loneliness and unspoiled nature almost everywhere else in the country. So get ready to swallow kilometers of slopes without crossing a living soul! It is the dream country of the road trip in a motorhome (air-conditioned!), Especially on the dusty and scorching roads of the Red Center, the heart of the mythical Outback, where Uluru, the sacred aboriginal rock sits.

2 – 30,000 km of coastline

We don’t know where to look, the entire continent is literally festooned with postcard beaches and islands. Among the range of idyllic places to play Robinson apprentices, head to Fraser Island, the Whitsundays and Kangaroo Island but also along the Great Ocean Road to discover breathtaking landscapes. Except to tread some mythical beaches of surfers, like Bondi Beach, as much to say that it is rather rare to encroach on the towel of the neighbor.

3 – The Great Barrier Reef

Attention, masterpiece in peril! The largest living entity on the planet (Did you know?), the only life form visible from the Moon, the Great Barrier Reef is a fabulous but fragile structure. Composed of thousands of reefs and lagoons with subtle shades of blue, fine sandbanks and coral islands, it runs for more than 2000 km off the coast of Queensland. Pure happiness for diving enthusiasts !

4 – A unique bestiary

Australia’s wildlife is second to none. Its specificity? Marsupials, of which there are 140 species with, at the top of the charts, 50 million kangaroos and wallabies, twice as many as the inhabitants! Among other marsupials, let us also mention the koala, so deliciously asleep, but also the wombat or the cute quokka amateur selfie.

5 – An incredible endemic flora

There are no less than 24,000 species of plants, of which more than 90% are unique to the country. If pine trees more than 10,000 years old have been discovered in the Tasmanian forests, in the rest of the country it is indeed the eucalyptus, in all its forms, which reigns supreme.

6 – Aboriginal culture

The first inhabitants developed a rich civilization, based on the Time of Dreams, a sort of dimension parallel to human time, which governs their past, present and future relationships. Persecuted for a long time, the Aborigines had to live on the margins of Australian society, but recently they have reaffirmed their ancient culture, which is now an integral part of the country’s identity. In some communities of the Flinders Ranges, the Red Center or the Top End, you can discover their traditions and their ancestral way of life.

7 – Cosmopolitan cities where life is good

Between neighboring Asia and distant Europe, the Australian nation does not know which continent to turn to. It is a melting pot where aboriginal roots and Anglo-Saxon heritage mingle, all under European, American and Asian influences. To be convinced, you just have to walk the streets of Sydney and especially Melbourne, where 200 languages ​​are spoken.

8 – Very varied climates

The southern hemisphere requires, the seasons are reversed compared to Europe – summer is from December to February and winter from June to August. But beware, the vastness of the territory causes climatic variations depending on whether you are in the Outback desert, the tropical forests of the Top End or the temperate zone of Victoria. A parameter not to be overlooked when planning your stay…

9 – 100% adrenaline

Sport is an institution in Australia, so there is no shortage of outdoor activities. And for the thrill, try the parachute jump over the Barrier Reef, ride the waves of Byron Bay, abseil over Harbor Bridge in Sydney Bay, hike the legendary Overland Trail. Track in Tasmania…

10 – Cool culture

And since we’re not a cliché: yes, Australians are very respectful of the rules – don’t even think of crossing a street when the light is green! – but they are also staunch defenders of the cool attitude, perfectly summed up in the No worries, mate (“no worries, mate “), which punctuates all their conversations… and soon yours!

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