3 Types of Disabilities Caused By Automobile Accidents

The statistics of automobile accidents are alarming and those of injuries involved are even more daunting. Such accidents can cause different types of injuries or disabilities that can have a lasting impact on the victims. Besides traumatizing them physically and emotionally, these injuries can have an impact on their financial situation too. While some injuries may have them incapacitated for a short time, others may leave them disabled for a lifetime. The latter are particularly distressing as these may throw life off-balance for them and their families.

Injuries of all types are bad for the victims, not only because these are painful. They make life tough because the victim may be rendered unfit to work for a certain span of time or even lose their job in case of long-term disability. When you are involved in such an accident and want to file a compensation claim, you need to understand the kind of disability and the implications that it may have. The key fact here is that you should proceed for the claim value accordingly. Here are the different types of disabilities that commonly occur in automobile accidents.

Temporary Disability

The most common type of disability that automobile accident victims come across is temporary in nature. As implied by the name, this is the one that results from minor injuries that cause impairment for a short span of time. They resolve completely and the person can get on with normal activities once healed. Broken bones, strained muscles and minor whiplash are a few examples of temporary disability.

From the financial perspective, these leave you unable to work for a short time period, which means that you may have to take time off from work. When you seek claim for this type of injury, you can rightfully ask for the wages lost due to absence from work. This is the least complicated amongst all types of accident related injuries.

Partial Disability

This type of disability is the one that hinders your personal life and work activities but does not disrupt the regular activities. For instance, a severe back injury during the accident may restrain you from lifting heavy objects. People who need to do so in the course of their employment can suffer to a considerable extent because this may leave them incapacitated for that specific role. A partial disability can result in loss of income, which may be temporary if you need time off for recovery or permanent because you may have to change the job duties and look for a new one.

The kind of loss in income defines the value and prospect of the damage claim. According to Justin Kimball from Preszler Law Nova Scotia (http://www.preszlerlaw-ns.com/), the symptoms of accidents that cause long-term disability may not manifest for some time, but victims can still file for appropriate compensation. This indicates that you should assess your injury carefully and seek claim only after you are sure that it is partial and not permanent.

Permanent Disability

As the name implies, permanent disability is the one that is severe and leaves you incapacitated for life. These happen in serious accidents that result in grave injuries such as spinal cord injuries, amputations and traumatic brain injury. The victim may be left physically crippled or mentally incapacitated to an extent that they may not be able to work at all. This means that they will no longer be able to sustain themselves and support their family financially.

Since the implications of such permanent disabilities are adverse, settlement should rightfully reflect long-term needs. These should cover both, expenses related to ongoing medical care and permanent loss of income. The idea is to have the victim covered for their treatment and day-to-day expenses so that they can sustain without a regular and permanent source of income.

How a professional disability attorney can help?

Even though accident victims deserve to get a reasonable amount as compensation, securing a claim is easier said than done in a majority of cases. Insurance companies try their best to avoid giving the victims an optimal amount by proving that their injuries are less serious than actually are. The best way to get your rightful claim is to seek legal assistance from a skilled and experienced disability attorney who knows the ins and outs of such cases.

With their specialized expertise, they can help you in getting a fair claim for lost wages, medical bills and the trauma that you and your family may have suffered due to the accident. Additionally, having professional support makes you feel more confident and stress-free about the entire process of claiming disability compensation.

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