4 Strategies for Building Customer Facing Salesforce Apps

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There comes an ultimate phase where you require to get some information from your organization so that you can interact well with the customers. Here are some of the guides about certain crucial aspects which can help you out to build a customer-facing app using the Salesforce, app developer:

  • Force.com sites:

The first and the easiest way to get started with the making of customer-facing application are with the force.com sites. With the help of this site, you can create the public website application which runs in the platform of force.com. The application will have the visual pages and the apex controllers which can provide the minimum functionality. There are various reasons to get started with the force.com, and some of them are- they are quite easy first to get initiated with. You can also leverage the existing data, logic or content in your organization.

In addition to that one requires no other platform or environment and this means that all can be managed in a single environment only. The site force.com is quite a quick, easy and less expensive to have opted in case if the site does not require a login. The site has a terrific time o processing ad there is a lot of crowd in the site. There is the availability of the developmental resources as well, and in this way, it can be the quite an appropriate Salesforce developer app or site.


  • Externally hosted applications:

I there is a development resource that is comfortable with Javascript, Java, Ruby or PHP then an application site on the Google Application Engineer or AWS, Bare metal, digital ocean or Heroku can be the best and the excellent way to build an application that is powerful enough to be called as the best Salesforce app developer. With Salesforce as a backend, these are the most effective way to build a nice engaging application. Building application on the Heroku is not scary if you are thinking so.

With an externally hosted application, you will require a way to have access to the data in the organization by making the use of either the Salesforce or the rest API. The rest is the most preferred way with the making of the customer’s applications. This makes life easier. You can even write the Apex rest services in case if you prefer the logic in Salesforce to leverage the existing code and this is so because they allow maximizing the code reuse. They also perform multiple transactions rather operating with a single transaction. You also require to choose where the data lives. You can make a choice amongst two ways. You can keep everything in the Salesforce and can fetch the application when there is a requirement to sync data selectively to the local data storage.

  • Backend as a service:

The sales force is a backend as a service, and all that is required to do is to concentrate on the client side. We had the first approach at Cloud Spokes before a couple of years, and it worked out the best for us. We were not required to make an admin section for the site as the Salesforce provided with all these previously. This was something out of the box which was provided to us by Salesforce.

There some issue in this approach and that is in accordance with the traffic in the site you can curb on the number of API calls per user license, so some of the spikes in the traffic were capable of bringing the site into a mere halt that irritated the users. Moreover, your site can really go all in halt during the maintenance time of the Salesforce. Thus, using no Salesforce and no site was better.

  • Hybrid backend as a service:

Over the last two year, the Salesforce has serviced making the hybrid approaches. With this, you lessen your belief on the Salesforce by copying select data to the localized data store from the Salesforce. There are many ways with which one can get the local database depending on how fast one needs to get the data reflected from that of the Salesforce. You can make the use of the streaming API in order to stream some changes that are made brought to the records to the application. The Salesforce can stream the changes so that it can be updated in the local database. One must know this as a crucial thing about the salesforce app developer.

  • Heroku connect:

This was released last year and was the best way to implement a hybrid backend and salesforce app, developer. This is a data sync service that can sync data both ways in between the salesforce and the HerokuPostgres. It resolves all the difficulties by keeping information in sync. There are some twists as of now, but if that can process the licensing model properly then this can be really a killer service to be opted for in order to build the customer-facing applications on Heroku

These are the guides about a few things that can help you out to build facing Salesforce applications. Salesforce app developer has quite sought after. These days the benefits of Salesforce in the business are numerous to be enlisted. Thus, one must make sure that the application is made by following all the information which are enlisted above so that the application made can be of great help as they are some of the information that one must know about the platforms for making the customer-facing applications.

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