8 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Acrylic Shower Panels

In today’s time bathrooms have to be given the same attention as any other interiors of the house. From the shape of bathtubs to the closet in the bathroom, everything has to look elegant. The splashback of the bathroom is again a very special area which requires maximum focus. The modern world is all glossy and all about attracting the eyes of people so that’s the reason, acrylic shower panels are high in trend these days.

There are many alternatives material of acrylic shower panels available in the plumbing market like woods, glass, granite, PVC, and glass still acrylic shower panels remain all-time favorite. It is affordable and panels can be washed within a moment of an eye. Acrylic shower panels have distinctive qualities like waterproofing, availability of colors, textures, resistance overheat, protection from UV rays, and lifetime guarantee.

In case, you are using acrylic shower panels for the first time or else have any misconceptions pertaining to acrylic shower panels then you have come at the right place.

Through this write-up, our main focus is to provide you with the latest updates and information so that you can easily buy acrylic shower panels.

Things to Know Before Buying Acrylic Shower Panels

There are many things which have to be considered before visiting any store for shower panels. Several companies provide these panels at a reasonable price and with lots of many special offers. A sample of this acrylic sheet in different colors is available online by many brands so you have limitless options to do research before buying acrylic shower panels.

We have given some of the points regarding acrylic shower walls and panels, which will work as a useful guideline for you. Have a look!

Acrylic shower panel colors come in various dark shades

Every time you are making your mind to change those dirty looking walls in your bathroom, it is time to postpone the idea and think shower panels may do the same after two to three years. Wait! The best part is acrylic shower panels have so many colors and textures which ensure that your wall doesn’t look dirty at all. No more tiles, no maintenance, and bang on the winning look. Seems perfect!

Never purchase tiles instead of Acrylic shower panels

When you go to buy acrylic shower panels, the seller might try to convince you that their tiles are the best option for your wall. Do not buy that…Tiles are still used in many homes due to lack of awareness that there is a material which is more powerful and gracious than them. Acrylic shower panels cost much higher than tiles but that is what a premium material would cost. Laminate walls and cultured wall panels are like toughen glass which provides exceptional look and quality to the bathroom walls. However, there are many acrylic shower panels which comes in the same design as the tiles which makes the customer even more doubtful. So Choose wisely! 

Acrylic shower panels are equal or more attractive than glass

People have this misconception that only glass panels look rich and it will enhance their lifestyle. This is half truth! Glass can be broken, cleaning is hard, and it requires lots of care and attention. On the other hand, acrylic panels have high durability and there is almost zero maintenance. This may surprise you: There are lots of aqua designs like rains, trees, sea, and jungle which looks more attractive in acrylic material than in the glass, with almost half the price of glass.

Shower panels are available in all sizes

Not buying acrylic shower panels because you think it is only available in its standard size?

Big No!! These shower panels can be molded in different sizes and shapes. You can even pre-cut it before fixing it to the wall. This will save your time. The reason being, you do not have to take out the equipments again and again. Decorative faux and high gloss panels can also be precut to fix on ceilings, not to forget the other nook and corner as per the designs.

There is no specialization required in installing the panels

When you are little in hurry or have other work to do, most probably you will look for a professional contractor to do all this stuff for you. Else, if you are good in cutting the panels into shapes for the shower valve, setting the panels at the backer board, and simply fixing it to the stud in case of laminate shower panels. It all depends on your choice, whether to do it on your own or not.

Not all acrylic shower panels are cost-effective

The shower brands and companies have misled people by saying they sell the best quality panels at less price. It is a universal truth “What you pay is what you get”. Not all shower panels come with 3*8 thickness. When you are running in a low budget, it is definitely time to compromise on quality or looks. A thought to ponder: The laminated wall panels have outstanding quality and it is expensive too.

Panels are installed to the studs

Some of the acrylic panels like PVC composite and cultured stone can be directly installed to the studs by minimizing more hurdles in the process. Whereas other acrylic panels needs grouting, cutting, and the whole complex fixing process. It all depends upon which acrylic material you are using for your bathroom.

There is No requirement of heavy equipments for installation

If you are well knowledgeable of the process to install shower panels, it is possible to use common woodworking equipments like jigsaw and hole saw to achieve the desired results. In case you are using some hard panels with a 3*8 thickness, you might need some other instruments too. Solid surface walls or slick walls can be installed easily with random instruments. You can also search on the internet about installing process or else can watch youtube videos for better understanding.

All That Matters…

The internet is flooded with great ideas about installing acrylic shower panels. You can have deep research about it. Take suggestions from friends and family who are already using acrylic panels at home. Also, take advice from a professional contractor about which product will reduce the financial burden by providing 100 percent quality.

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