Actionable Ways to Build Links to Your E-Commerce Store

Building quality links have famously never been easy for e-commerce stores. Some even say that link building is no longer a viable way of driving traffic to your site. However, link building has never been more useful and it can certainly be done – even if you have an e-commerce store and no specific knowledge on this.

All you have to do is learn to understand your audience and what would appeal to them most.

Here are some great tips on link building if you have an e-commerce store.

  1. Guest Post

Guest posts are a great thing if you want to build quality links that lead to your website. First thing that you’ll have to do is look for authoritative and influential websites in your niche or those that would benefit from your insight. Some of them will have a guest posting system in place where you’ll be able to easily submit your request but some may not have this option. This is why you need to pitch them your idea via email.

Sara Kooper, a Content Manager, shares, “Don’t be afraid to have a conversation with them, especially if you are really keen on appearing on their blog or their website. Explain to them why this subject matters and how it can help their readers. Before you start pitching, do some research on their site and see what kind of posts they usually post and what is their general style, especially if they don’t have any guidelines.”

  1. Influencers

Influencers can be a great addition to your team. They share your content and create original content for you. They are popular in your niche and they have a wide reach.

However, finding them is not always easy. You need to look for most popular or influential articles in your niche and then see which websites they originally came from after which the person behind it should be easy to find.

They usually have popular social media profiles and in some cases, you could try to strike up a conversation or something similar there before making an official proposal via email. Liking their posts or writing something meaningful in comments can make them remember you later. Your email proposing an influencer relationship should be short and not read like spam.

Make sure that you always use plagiarism checkers like Copyscape or Academized on the content when searching for influencers so that you can see whether they actually wrote it or not.

  1. Video Marketing

‘Videos are extremely popular nowadays and they deliver information in a fun and entertaining way. You could present your products, share useful information, raise your brand awareness and so on. The possibilities are truly endless, just like with written content. People will link interesting and helpful videos and this could drive a lot of traffic to your website.’ said Mike Benner, a Marketing Manager.

What really matters when it comes to video marketing is that it’s consistent with your brand and message – don’t confuse your audience. Be honest and creative.

  1. Create A Blog

When you have an e-commerce store, it’s sometimes easy to think that you don’t need a blog. However, a blog can be a valuable resource for your website.

The process of adding a blog to your store is quite simple. You just add another page and that’s it – you can start posting. When it comes to content, it might be even easier – you can create amazing blog posts in your niche where you’ll share your expertise and help your customers make informed decisions. These articles can vary from entertaining to formal and informative – it’s your choice. Just make sure that all of your content is spell checked and grammatically correct. Use tools like Via Writing and Paper Fellows to make this part of the job easier.

This is how you build authority and other people will value that information and put links to your posts as their sources.

  1. Contests and Giveaways

Another amazing way to get some attention is to host contests and giveaways. These two work in a similar way and are often hosted on social media platforms like Facebook. The process is simple – you promise a valuable reward to your audience and in return for a spot in your contest, they have to perform a series of simple tasks. These tasks can be anything from sharing your page, liking it or subscribing to your site. There are also creative competitions where your audience could post creative images of them with some of your products or write about their experience with your website and link to your site.

The same can happen on your blog or website – you can ask your audience to write a short, creative post about your store or products and link to your site.

  1. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are quite easy to find and benefits from them can be many. However, people tend to spam the Internet with affiliate content and it’s often dismissed as pure advertising with no real value. This is why you need to make sure to ask for a natural link and quality affiliates. This way, you can really reap the rewards of being a member of an affiliate program. Creating a community is important and along with having a blog and being a part of an affiliate program.

Final Thoughts

While building links for an e-commerce store may seem like a tedious, additional job – especially if you don’t have a designated team for this – it’s certainly worth it. It all depends on how you build those links and how you choose to appear. These tips are here to inform you on how you can achieve this – get great links and drive more traffic to your store with even the smallest budget.

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