Adding Extreme Value to Your Home with Exterior Painting Services

What do you do to improve your home’s value when you’re about to sell it? One of the most cost-effective ways of adding extreme value to your home is through exterior painting services. Painting the outer parts of your house not only improves your home’s curb appeal but invariably increases the return on investment. It’s a very straightforward method and yet the most pragmatic in adding exceptional quality to your home.

The shabby appearance of your home’s exterior may offend the aesthetic sensibilities of your estate potential buyers. Hence, you may run into difficulty disposing of your home for a handsome sum.

This piece offers you invaluable insights on the need to embark on exterior home refurbishment through painting services to get the best value and reward while listing your home in the market. This information is presented by the St. Paul Exterior Painters. You can learn more about our painting company at!

Is painting your house worth it?

No other home improvement method is as effective as painting the exterior parts of the house, and the benefits it gives to your home are numerous. For instance, aside from adding value to your home, exterior painting provides your home with beauty and protects it from the harshness of the weather.

External painting services are just beyond improving the overall appearance of your home to make it look magnificent. There is much more to embarking on the outer painting project.

Updating the exterior parts of your home with a fresh coat of paint offers protection to your family and your home in general. You will be able to enjoy quality air when you keep your walls fresh. For instance, opting for zero or low VOC paint will help reduce unhealthy fume and optimize air quality within your home.

When professionals appropriately do the outer coating, it readies your home to withstand all the challenges from elements: ranging from sleet, rain to snow. Precipitation getting under the exterior paint of your home can cause severe damages in the future. Exterior coating forestalls this from occurring and saves the potential cost of fixing structural cracks in your home.

Does painting a home increase value?

There is no gain saying that painting your house increases the value and attracts more potential buyers bidding for your home. According to Opendoor, painting the exterior parts of your home increases the ROI by 55%. For example, an investment of $1,406 into the external painting services would undoubtedly increase your home’s value to the ton of $2,176.

Painting is the most accessible means of upgrading the value of your home as it’s pretty affordable. Exterior painting makes your home appear newer and very much appealing to buyers. People would typically look for a home with a fresh coat of paint while sourcing a new home.

Is it worth painting the house before selling?

Before listing your house in the real estate market, there are some salient steps you should consider taking to improve its value, which include painting your home. On the surface, adding a fresh coat of paint to your home may appear to be a daunting investment, but the benefits inherent in it, nonetheless, make it an exciting endeavor.

Painting your home before offering it for sale is considerably inexpensive compared to the immense reward it will generate when sold. While getting ready to sell your home, ensure that your paint is bereft of dents and marks. When your property gets imbued with fresh appeal, it will quickly attract people jostling to acquire your home for the fixed ‘ask price.’

Making sure your home is painted appropriately before being listed in the estate market is worth every energy and effort. When you contract experts to carry out the painting project, they will adorn your home with the ideal coat that gives it the requisite aesthetic appeal.

It’s worthy to note that the type of surfaces in your home will determine the perfect paint that suits it. Professional painters will help you select the most suitable paint and color to give your home the regular finish and delicate appearance it deserves.

What color adds the most value to a home?

Another essential factor to consider when painting your home is the color that will add the most value. Your choice of color will either drastically improve or diminish the value of your home. While you’re putting a fresh coat of paint on your home, you should be mindful of the impact of color.

The bottom line is that color plays a significant role in attracting prospective buyers. It’s worthwhile keeping tabs on the type of tint that’s trendy by the time you’re ready to sell your home, and specific colors, such as dark colors, can discourage potential home purchasers.

How long should a painted house last?

The durability of a painted house is contingent upon many variables, including climatic conditions, the condition of the surfaces you’re painting and the type of paint used. Typically, an interior painting project spans 5 to 10 years, while the exterior lasts 5 to 7 years.

However, to get the most from your painting services, you should buy quality paint. It will help if you consider using acrylics as your medium. Ensure you buy the correct type of paint for your home. For instance, an exterior home made of brick, stucco, masonry, or the likes will require a different coating than a metal or wooden exterior.

What color house sells fastest?

Another pertinent point to consider while updating your home’s exterior is the color that will optimize its curb appeal and make it sell pretty quickly. A perfect blend of paint can make a world of difference. Homebuyers are naturally attracted to homes that are cozy, welcoming, warming, and more.

Selling your house fast is all about choosing the right color that’s appealing. Experts generally frown at using purple, black, ultra-bright, fluorescent orange, or hot pink as they are a serious turn off for buyers.

On the flipside, gray, white, blue, beige, neutral are appealing to many homebuyers. Choosing a good combination of colors will not only make you dispose of your property pretty quickly but also fetch you enough money.


Painting your home’s exterior makes all the difference in adding significant value and makes selling your home to the perfect buyer easy. It does not only give your home a new lease of life but inevitably doubles its ROI.

When professionals painstakingly do the exterior painting services for you with the perfect blend of colors, the result will be ultimately remarkable.

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