All That You Need To Know Before Trying Cannabis Edibles

The market is flooded with varieties in cannabis today and edibles, in particular, are gaining widespread popularity. They offer an amazing high and are also a refreshing transition from the conventional methods such as vaping and smoking. Before you try one of the edible variants, there are a few facts that you should know about them because they can give high faster than other forms of cannabis. Here are a few things that you should absolutely know before trying the edibles for the first time.

Know what you are consuming

Even though you may have been smoking or vaping for years, ingesting cannabis can be an altogether different experience. Knowing what you are consuming and how to consume it, therefore, is crucial. Start by understanding the fact that the effect of edibles can be higher than that of oils and vapes. For this reason, you need to be very sure about the right dosage otherwise you may end up feeling uncomfortable.

Eat before you try edibles

Though this sounds ironical, you should eat before consuming an edible variant. It can have a strong impact if you take it on empty stomach while following the edible after a whole, nutritious meal is considered the best way to have it. This becomes all the more important if you are taking medications along with the product or as a part of your daily routine. First timers need to be extra cautious in this context.

Start small to begin with

Since you already know that edibles have the potential to give you quick and lasting high, you need to start slow as you begin. The best way to introduce THC in your body is gradually. Read the instruction labels on the product carefully and take only half the dose if you are a beginner. Microdosing for the first few times is a smart idea to allow your body to understand the optimal dosage for itself and you can work it up gradually.

Avoid combining with booze

When it comes to edible cannabis, you should not combine it with alcohol because these do not go well together. You may want to try boozing as you would with a joint session but this experiment can make you extremely uncomfortable. It can be associated with certain side effects as well. If you really must drink anything with the edible, stick to plain water or fruit juice instead of alcoholic drinks.

Listen to your body

Edibles are like any other forms of cannabis consumption and you must absolutely listen to the signals that your body gives. At times, you might feel uncomfortable and anxious despite doing everything right. The first thing to remember is that overdose of cannabis is not fatal and you need not worry even if you think that you have taken a little extra. Rather, give your body time to relax and recover from the sudden kick. Stop consuming the product if you feel comfortable at any time and wait for the effect to wear out.

Be open to experiment

The edible form of cannabis is a great option for someone who wants to experiment. Apart from the fact that it can be a welcome change from the regular smoking and vaping variants, edibles themselves are available in good variety. You can choose to buy candies, gummies, chocolates, popcorns, cookies, brownies or drinks. Explore websites like Mission Organic dispensary to buy cannabis edibles online. If you are a cooking enthusiast, you can even try out some edible recipes on your own.

Prepare for the impact

You may be surprised to know that edibles work differently from the conventional cannabis variants in terms of time to impact. While you experience immediate effect from smoking, it may take some time with the edible products. You can expect to experience the high anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours after consumption. But the good news is that the effect will last longer than smoking. The span depends on a number of factors such as dosage, last meal and use of medicines or alcohol along with the edible.

Be careful about the storage

Since the packaging of cannabis edibles is quite similar to that of non-cannabis products, you should be extra careful with their storage. Make sure that these products are stored safely and out of the reach of children. Also, you need to be cautious if you have pets at home as you would not want the pet to consume an edible at any cost.

Know the right serving

A package of edibles usually contains multiple servings and you should know the right serving to avoid an overdose. Go through the label carefully to divide the serving size into an optimal one. Ideally, a 5 g dosage is recommended to begin with and you can try to go higher if you want to. Consume only that much part of the package which corresponds with the optimal serving size. The effect may vary from person to person, so stick to the dosage that you are comfortable with.

Avoid driving after first use

Even though you may be regular with smoking or vaping, taking edibles for the first time may be an all new ball game. While consuming these products for the first time, avoid driving because you never know how your body would respond to them. Plan ahead and stay at home or at a friend’s place so that you are safe even if you get high after trying an edible product. Wait for the effects to wear off before you hit the road. Beginners should not try any cannabis products alone and always consult an expert user to know the right dose and method.

Whichever way you want to consume cannabis, make sure that you do it responsibly. Awareness is the key as being aware ensures that you will take only the right dosage at the right time in the right way. Cannabis can give you a great experience and has several medicinal benefits as well, but only if you consume it safely and responsibly. So whenever you buy and try a new product, make sure that you know it well enough.

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