Bi-fold Doors vs Sliding Doors vs French Doors

Whether you’re looking for new entrance doors or to create an internal partition, you’re going to need to select the right style for your needs and your home.

There are plenty of different doors on the market but the main three types are bi-fold, sliding, and French. It’s a good idea to understand what each door is and what it can offer you before you make your final decision.


These are commonly made with glass although they can be made out of almost any material. In effect, the door is split into two or three sections. Each section has a pane of glass and a frame around it, effectively making it a mini door. The sections are joined to each other with piano hinges, these run the entire length of the door and allow it to fold into itself.

That’s exactly what happens when you open the door, it folds against itself. That makes a bi-fold door a great option if you have limited opening space.

It’s also worth noting that bi-folds tend to have very small frames and, once they’re opened, are completely out of the way, allowing you to maximize your view of your yard and the world beyond.


Sliding doors are generally independent. That means you’ll have two or more full-sized doors sat inside a frame. The frame allows the doors to slide behind each other. This means you can slide them in either direction to facilitate easy exiting from your home.

These are also great in places where there isn’t much room to open them as they slide. However, you’ll notice that because they slide behind each other there is always a frame section in the middle, lowering the quality of the view from your home.


French doors are very similar to standard entrance doors although they are usually large glass panels with relatively slim frames. French doors always come in pairs, allowing you to open one or two of them and let the outside world in.

You will need space to open the French doors.

Which is Best?

It is difficult to say one door is significantly better than another. Your decision generally depends on what you intend to use the doors for and where they will be fitted.

You should be aware that bi-fold doors are better at opening up spaces while French doors are generally the cheapest of the options.

However, bi-folds are a great choice for a contemporary home thanks to the level of light they let in. French doors are generally better for older houses.

The bi-fold door can also cover a large expanse, much larger than French doors or even sliding doors. That makes them an attractive option, especially as the bottom lip is flush with the floor, reducing the likelihood of your tripping over.

Of course, all doors are tested to be weatherproof but if you’re worried about hurricanes or specific disasters you’ll need to ensure the ones you’re choosing have the right level of protection for your needs.

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