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Lady’s imagination is very rapid. While commonly men come forward to propose, women take time to jump from admiration to love. Again it’s from love to commitment and matrimony which is something, women are indeed swift at. A commitment between lovers is often celebrated as engagement. And if not thrown a party, it becomes a mere change in status on facebook from ‘single’ to ‘committed’ for all known and unknown. It is after all for you to celebrate. The most ideal way which actually could also be your first joint investment is buying serene blue sapphires for each other.

Sapphire once bought is forever and reason is its hardness. Probably on the basis of its hardness sapphire is said to symbolize permanence and dedication in relationship when exchanged between couples. Bought in basic blue color or any other as sapphire has a vivid variety in colors, it is always prized and felt pampered for the person you gift. A sapphire ring or a pendant or pair of earrings every jewel piece studded with sapphire embalms serenity and nascent feelings for your loved one.

From hair band to bracelet one thing most common in Princess Diana’s jewelry was sapphires. And so is the passion of every woman today to possess rare and swanky sapphire studded in her jewels. If you find yourself in quagmire as how to make your Valentine’s Day memorable and wish to enshrine your commitment then do it with sapphires. Sapphire is a gemstone sought after by both sexes. Serene Blue for your men and sensual pink for your ladylove is most popular and astoundingly beautiful.

Preen your valentine with pink sapphire and diamond heart earrings. Gift him a blue emerald shaped solitaire sapphire ring marking his finger in a pronounced manner with your love and refined taste. Corroborate your love once and for life this Valentine’s Day by gifting her solitaire heart sapphire bezel set pendant.

Friendship, admiration, love, commitment, marriage is a common itinerary in everyone’s life which could be made interesting and beautiful but needs contribution of both partners. Valentine’s Day is one such day to show and confess or confirm love which is tenderly liked and admired by every living being. Gemstones not only fetch emotional and monetary value but would also add a lot to your valentine’s party mien.

The sun is shinning, the birds are chirping, and it’s a beautiful day to be alive. Suddenly, someone give you a present. This is not just any present, this is a small box wrapped with a ribbon. This could only be a gift of jewelry. You unwrap the ribbon, and slowly open the box. Sitting in front of you is an exquisite example of an Gold Blue Sapphire Ring. The day has become better, the wind blows just a little cooler on this hot day, and everything stands still for a moment. As you slip it on your finger, whether it fits or not, it graces your finger with a weight to know it’s there and a lightness to display the airiness of the stone. The deep blue gem shines in every light, and glints off of every beam it catches. A gift of an 18kt Gold Blue Sapphire Ring is a gift of devoted friendship and love.

The Gold Blue Sapphire Ring is a ring that takes you back to the days of old. The contrast of the bright gorgeous blue of the sapphire and the warm yellow of the gold makes you want to continue to look at the ring again and again. When the light hits the sapphire and glints off the perfect cuts and luminescent innards of the perfect gem, it takes you back to the days of knights and queens. When the brave night would search months for a stone of exquisite beauty. When he found it, it was a time of grand rejoice and happiness. He would then present the piece, fresh from the kiln and anvil of the gold smith, to his truly beloved. This ring is one of those rings that becomes an heirloom or a passed down gift from generations to generations.

Yellow gold blue sapphire ring is one of the most popular sapphire rings among all. Sapphires are known as the Gems of Heaven, because the deep blue hue echoes the summer sky. Our great selection of yellow gold blue sapphire rings features beautiful blue sapphires that are accented wonderfully by Yellow gold. 18kt yellow gold blue sapphire rings can be worn on many occasions and are great additions to your jewelry collection.

An Yellow Gold Sapphire Ring is truly a classy piece of jewelry. Combining the excellence of gold with the stunning beauty of a sapphire, it is a piece of jewelry that is distinct and influential. While diamonds are dazzling, colored gemstones are known for their pizzazz. A comprehensive jewelry collection should be a mixture of varying gemstones, metals, and colors, focusing around central pieces that will add style and flair to any look. An Blue Sapphire Ring is such a piece. The Blue Sapphire Ring utilizes a combination of two jewelry essentials, which offer so much more than beauty.

One of the best features of an Blue Sapphire Ring is the use of yellow gold. Yellow gold is a symbol of prosperity and authority. Its history extends thousands of years into the past. Yellow gold has been the jewelry of choice for numerous societies, worldwide and spanning generations. The flair of yellow gold has adorned the bodies of some of the most prominent people in the world, from ancient Egyptian priests to Roman hierarchies. In the past, diligent men and women dedicated their lives to the search of this precious metal. And so it is this past, so rich in history, that has given yellow gold its symbolic attributes. It is this adulation that makes an blue sapphire ring a desirable addition to any jewelry collection.

Triple AAA Blue Sapphire Ring

The sapphire is considered the most popular blue gemstone, and is prized for its beautiful color and hardness. Sapphires, like other gemstones, have characteristics that can be judged to determine the quality of the stones. When purchasing a Triple AAA Blue Sapphire Ring, the buyer should look for carat (size and weight), cut, color and clarity. Personal preferences will also factor in when making a decision, but what appeals to many is that a Triple AAA Blue Sapphire Ring is an investment, as well as an exquisite piece of jewelry.

Formed from the mineral Corundum, the blue sapphire ranges from light to medium to dark blue, depending on the gemstone’s origin. A large percentage of sapphires are treated to a heating process to enhance the blue of the gemstone and does not affect the gem’s value. Untreated or natural sapphires with a beautiful color are rare and very desirable, and also among the most expensive. The best gems should have a vibrant, saturated cornflower blue or royal blue that is shown to perfection in light. Deep blue, with delicate hints of violet and sky blue, is the desired hue of a Triple AAA quality sapphire.

Clarity is highly valued in sapphires, with the most prized gems having very small inclusions and a clear even color. Inclusions are small flaws within a gemstone, and depending on the gem, may detract from the value. An exception is the star sapphire, where the inclusions refract light in a star shaped pattern called asterism.

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