Cheap but Effective Hacks to Improve Your Home

When you start thinking of improving the looks of your home, you always end up worrying about the amount of money that you will be needing. Whether it will be a sofa set upgrade due to scratches or wishing for a larger room, the cost is your ultimate problem.

Worry no more because there are ways to make your home look better without breaking your bank account.

  1. How to fix furniture scratches?

Buying a new sofa isn’t always the answer to fix scratches. The hack for this is to use a crayon. You just need to find the right shade that is the same with the wood finish of your furniture and soften it using a hairdryer. Once the softened crayon is applied, rub the repaired scratch with a rug.

  1. How to store your shoe collections?

Both men and women love collecting shoes but usually have limited space to put them into. To solve this, you can use coat hooks mounted at the lower portion of your hallways. Adding up a shoe organizer hung on the back of your bedroom door can make your collection look neat and tidy.

  1. How to make a room larger?

Extending your room can be an option but an inexpensive choice would be to use a mirror. You can make a small space look bigger by utilizing mirrors.

  1. How to protect your wood floor?

Expensive or not so, wood floors are better undamaged and scratch free. You can use an adhesive tape to protect the smooth finish of your floor. Put the tape at the bottom of a furniture, say a rocking chair, and your floor is safe.

Another hack is to use felt pads on the feet of your chairs and tables to preserve the lifespan of your floor as well as your furniture.

  1. How to make your window an easy feature?

Luxurious window frames are not always needed to make your windows stand out. Good fabrics or blinds can be used too. Decorating the outside window with seasonal blooms or boxed ornaments could also work.

  1. How to upgrade old furniture?

Again, buying a new one isn’t always the golden answer. Updating small items can already make a difference. You can use classic or vintage knobs to accentuate a rustic piece of cabinet or drawers.

  1. How to touch up a white paint job?

A white wall or decoration exudes elegance and beauty, but a small stain or mark can ruin it easily. To bring back your room’s splendor, use a liquid corrective fluid to paint over the faults that you will find. For moldings with a glossy look, use a clear nail polish to cover the correction fluid.

  1. How to remove stains from suede?

Suede shoes, bags and couches when stained do not look presentable at all. You can use an eraser to remove minimal marks and stains. Make sure to gently rub the eraser, this way, it can also make the fibers fluff up.

  1. How to silence squeaky stairs?

Getting a distracted sleep due to a noisy stair squeaks can really be frustrating. To solve this, you can use a pencil lead. Just jam the lead between the flat part of the stair step and the riser. You would be surprised that the noise will disappear. To ensure that you won’t be hearing any squeak in the future, reapply the pencil lead regularly as it will eventually seep out of the joint.

  1. How to utilize your stairs?

Many people use the space under their stairs as an extra storage or room rather than having it as a dead space. If you worry about aesthetics, you can have it decorated or build a small door.

  1. How to utilize your walls?

Designing a wall usually involves artworks and pictures in a frame. How about fixed and sturdy shelves built at the top of your wall for book storage. It will not only make a good decoration but it will also save you some floor space for cupboards and bookcases.

  1. How to declutter a messy drawer?

A simple way to fix a messy drawer is to use drawer organizers. You don’t need another drawer for storage, you just have to use dividers and organize your items accordingly.

  1. How to use paint to decorate but not an overhaul paint?

When on a tight budget, you can just paint the edge of your doors or windows to instantly pop a color to your room.

Half painted walls can also work and save you money. It is also an effective technique to create a height illusion. Use white paint on top to blend with the ceiling and darker colors at the bottom.

  1. How to make your carpet look new?

Don’t throw away or hide your carpet if in case it got small burnt. Use a rubber cement and a few fibers from a hidden portion of the carpet to fix the damage.

  1. How to store kids’ snacks and cooking seasonings?

The drawers in your pantry could already be full of kitchen wares you have no more space for your kids’ snacks and taco mixes. A perfect solution is using a shoe organizer which you can hang on the side of your refrigerator or at the back of your kitchen door.

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