7 Ways How a Clean Office Motivates Employees

Productive employees who are passionate about their work and consistently show results are more than an asset to any business. They will work hard and deliver the results in the best possible time. Many businesses thrive on exclusive marketing, advanced strategies and by offering the best quality products. However, as a manager or an HR professional, you should always be on the lookout for more ways to improve the daily performance of your employees.

Many times it is the work environment and the surrounding that affects the employee the most. Hostile workspace leads to a decreased motivation to finish the job and employees start looking forward to going back home as fast as they can. There are many factors that influence the employees’ productivity and quality of their work apart from their own capability and one such factor is cleanliness. Offices have their own staff that can clean the office on a daily basis but many seek outside help and hire professionals like Thomas Cleaning to get the job done.

The office space and the way you choose to design it is crucial as well. A clustered area with a disorganised seating arrangement or wall colours that don’t go with the theme of the work you are doing or the theme of the office will definitely make your workers irritated. A well-designed office is vital for the motivation of your powerful workforce. Let’s take a look at some of the ways how a clean office environment contributes to the overall productivity of your team at the office.

  1. Increased Focus

There are many departments in an office each assigned with a different task. In a clean working environment, your employees are less likely to be surrounded by distractions. Distractions are good and bad. They don’t always mean creative distractions like listening to music or reading up on articles to get out of a creative block but an employee who likes his workspace clean will be annoyed and frustrated in a dirty environment and will probably try to do what he can on his own. This will not only end up wasting his time but also affect the company’s overall productivity goals. In the absence of distractions, employees concentrate on the matter at hand better which leads to more productivity in less amount of time.

  1. Less Time Wasted

People who are constantly working and coming up with new ideas tend to be messier. This is because they focus more on the project at hand than the chaos they’re causing around them. This leads to a cluttered desk which can be troublesome if one has to find certain documents. It not only leads to waste of time but also creeps in frustration and stress among employees. A cleaner desk with an organised system of arranging files can definitely get more work done in a less amount of time.

  1. Less Sick Days

According to a new survey, the public sector is losing up to 3.5 billion dollars a year due to the increased number of employee absentees. This report shows how important it is for productivity to be consistently better and how any loss can be critical to the company’s bottomline. The increase in number of the days an employee takes off can be traced back to a dirty and an unhealthy office area. An office that is not cleaned on a daily basis can be a danger zone as it will let germs and bacteria grow and infect the surrounding area. A germ free space means fewer people getting sick days and more commission for your workers.

  1. Improved Motivation

Standard working time is usually 8 to 10 hours long. For employees who are spending that much time in a dirty office, the situation can be a bit demotivating. Walking into a clean, nice smelling office however can give your day the fresh start it needs. It has a positive effect on the employees’ overall mood. It provides them a clear head to think with and be filled with good and positive energy throughout the day. Employees will always be happy working in a clean environment that is comfortable and helps them focus solely on work.

  1. Less Mental Health Issues

Mental health has been neglected for many years. It was always considered secondary to physical health but studies have proven that mental health matters just as much. The mental state of a person defines everything in their body; it can either make them feel good or worse. An employee working in an unclean and an unsafe environment will eventually get frustrated. The constant frustration will lead to poor work performance, which will eventually lead to depression. Depressed employees not only struggle at work but also in normal life. Providing your employees a clean work area is not only going to boost productivity for you but it will also keep them mentally healthy.

  1. It Keeps Employees Happy

The design and the architecture of the office should always resonate with the type of work done or the type of people you want to have on your team. Colourful walls and innovative designs help keep the employees in a better mood since colours have a very strong impact on the human body. If your employees are happier, they’ll stay motivated and do well on their job.

  1. Increases Employee Engagement

Many people quit their jobs because they never get along with the established office environment and that includes how clean and airy it is. A gloomy atmosphere, a hostile workplace on top of a messy area is a recipe for disaster. Your employees put long hours and hard work into what they do and deserve your respect. Provide your employees with an environment which you yourself would prefer to work in.

A clean work space isn’t just nice to look at but it’s great to keep the office morale up and the employees’ productivity showing northward trends on the charts.

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