How Activated Charcoal Work on Teeth

Are you wondering how activated charcoal works on your teeth?  You might have seen this on social media, on the net or heard from a friend but can’t figure out how the process works. Well, this guide is for you. Read on as we explore activated charcoal and how it works to give you a better understanding.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Like most people, you might be confusing the ordinary charcoal that you use to heat barbeque and activated charcoal. Well, activated charcoal is a black, tasteless and odorless powder with toxin absorbing properties, which is why most people use it to whiten teeth and to treat overdoses in emergency rooms too. You can create activated charcoal by heating the regular charcoal using gas. Doing so makes the charcoal to have some pores which are essential in trapping chemicals. 

How Using Activated Charcoal for Teeth Whitening Works

Activated charcoal has large pores and some chemical properties which enable it to bind to the dirt and toxins in your teeth hence removing them. Using charcoal enables you to remove the plaque that causes stains and discolorations on your teeth. By removing these substances which are usually on the enamel of your tooth, using activated charcoal helps you to clean your teeth hence leaving them healthy and whiter.

It is possible that you might doubt how efficiently activated charcoal is especially if it’s your first time using it. What you need to understand is that activated charcoal has a porous nature which when it combines with its chemical properties helps it to work even better than regular toothpaste.

The specific function of the pores in activated charcoal is to trap any existing layer of plaque on your teeth, removing all the food residue and dirt all that your regular toothpaste can’t remove on its own.

The chemical properties of the activated charcoal bond to the stains on your teeth hence enabling you to remove all the toxins. The best thing about the chemical properties in activated charcoal is that your body does not absorb them.

How to Use Activated Charcoal to Get the Best Results

How to Use Activated Charcoal

Most people have their way of using activated charcoal to whiten their teeth, but here is the best process that you should follow. It should only take you 5 minutes or less.

  • It is recommendable that you have two toothbrushes. One for applying the activated charcoal, and the other one to brush your teeth after applying the charcoal. Also, make sure you have a cup to help you rinse your mouth and a fiber microfiber cloth to wipe your sink after finishing.
  • Make sure your toothbrush is wet then dip it in the activated charcoal. Alternatively, you can also pick some charcoal instead and dump it on your toothbrush.
  • Now put the container that has the activated charcoal aside to avoid pouring it on the floor accidentally.
  • Start brushing your teeth in gentle and small circles, ensuring that the activated charcoal gets to every tooth. After making sure that the charcoal gets to every corner of your mouth, let it sit there for about two minutes.
  • Spit all of it in the sink and rinse your mouth properly to clear all the activated charcoal from your mouth.
  • After doing that, take the other toothbrush and use it to rinse your teeth while still brushing them lightly.
  • Now use the microfiber cloth to wipe your sink before the activated charcoal sticks.

Your mouth should feel different after you do all that. You can do it every once in awhile, to ensure you keep your teeth white and healthy. 

How Safe Is It?

Using charcoal in teeth whitening can seem a little bit risky, especially if you aren’t sure if it can lead to some side effects. You shouldn’t worry about that though as using activated charcoal is safe. People have been using it for centuries now.

However, using activated charcoal to whiten your teeth can be a little bit unsafe if you use it frequently. So, it is crucial that you make sure you only use it a few times to be on the safe side since using it excessively can make you lose some essential protective layers of your teeth.

Due to its porous nature, activated charcoal can be quite rough which makes it crucial to brush your teeth gently when using it. Some companies add activated charcoal in their toothpaste. The same case applies to such toothpaste, don’t use them every day as they can lead to similar side effects.

Where Can I Get Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is available in most health stores today in capsule or powder form. Also, you can order it online if you are not sure which store sells it or if your local stores don’t have it. When buying, check to ensure that you only purchase the activated charcoal that’s made from coconut or wood. The other types that contain petroleum are not the best choice for teeth whitening, so avoid them.


You can use activated charcoal to help you in teeth whitening as it absorbs stains and discolorations effectively. However, make sure you use it in moderation as using it excessively can lead to side effects. If I were you, I would start by looking for the best dentist near me to get advice on the right amount of activated charcoal to use.

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