How AI and Bots have made Human Life more Simple?

Two decades back, there was a Sitcom that used to come up on Television titled “Small Wonders.” It had a girl robot called “Vicky” that used to look like humans and perform all the mundane tasks done by a teenage girl. Isn’t that a wonderful invention? In the real world, we have seen lots of incredible technological advancements recently, which has changed our dimension to look at things from a new perspective.

Today, we can see artificial intelligence being a prima facia element if we talk about mobile apps and even games. The gaming world has received a significant boost after several sci-fi movies. Today, this has made developers start experimenting while utilizing these facets in the real world. We are seeing developers employing asp.Net development services to come up with fantastic web applications that were not feasible, a couple of decades back.

Combine that with bots, and you have a real winner in hand. In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have highlighted the fundamental goals of AI, classification of AI, History of AI, and details about bots.

Let’s get started.

The Primary Objective of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was developed to deduce and reason, represent knowledge, plan, learn, and to manipulate and move objects. The long-term goals of AI include inculcating creativity, social intelligence, and general (human level) intelligence. Today AI applications are being used in lots of different sectors.

Objective of Artificial Intelligence

Classification of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a broad concept, but to keep things simple, we have divided it into three categories depending on its capabilities.

  1. Weak AI
  2. Strong AI
  3. Artificial Super-Intelligence

Let’s look at each of these in detail.

Weak AI

It is also known as narrow AI as it concentrates on only a singular task. It does not consider self-awareness or genuine intelligence. iOS Siri is a perfect example of weak AI. It takes into consideration different weak AI techniques to function. You can carry out lots of functions as a user. It can be extremely narrow when you start to have a conversation with the virtual assistant.

Strong AI

It is also termed as true AI. The reason being, it is a computer that is equally smart as the human brain. This type of AI is capable of carrying out all the tasks that human beings can perform. There is much research that is being carried out in this regard, and a lot is still yet to be explored. You can visualize something like a matrix universe or robots here.

Artificial Super-Intelligence

In case strong AI made you a lot inquisitive, artificial super-intelligence will surely blow your mind. It is an intellect that is more clever than the human brain in every aspect. This includes general wisdom, social skills, and scientific creativity. Artificial Super intelligence is the reason that has made scientists and technologists raise doubts on human extinction.

If you wish to practically implement AI, it is important to learn a programming language. We recommend you to start with ASP.NET since it combines Microsoft cognitive services and BOT framework. Since machines are good at mimicking it is termed as artificial. It includes a certain kind of cognitive function based on observations, learning processes, rewards, and the environment.

To dig deep into AI, it is essential to look at its history.

History of AI

History of AI

The history of AI goes back to around 100 years. In the year 1920, a Czech writer called Karel Capek published a science fiction play called Rossumovi Univerzalni Roboti (Rossum’s Universal Robots).

It is also known as R.U.R. This is where the word “Robot” got introduced. R.U.R. dealt with a factory creating artificial people known as robots. These robots were quite different from the ones that are being picturized in movies today.

In R.U.R., robots were living creatures quite similar to clones. The robots initially worked for humans. But after some time a robot rebellion happened that led to the extinction of the human race. The play is exciting because the term “Robot” was used for the very first time.

Although it was quite different than the modern idea of robots. Next, it told a story about the creation of robots. You can call it another form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It showed the initial positive effects of robots in the lives of human beings. Also, then the robot rebellion happened that led to the extinction of the entire human race.

Today, AI has become a trending topic in literature and movies. We can imagine the kind of impact it can create on the society at large in the coming times.

Basic Information on Bots

We have already discussed the classification of AIs, where we spoke of weak AI. A bot is a perfect example of weak AI. To maximize the utilization of chatbots, there has to be a perfect synchronization between AI and machine learning. For example, look at the web crawlers employed by Google. They are an ideal fit for a modern and sophisticated bot.

Basic Information on Bots

Another practical example is Tinker Bot. It is an AI-based chatbot that helps people to know new and exciting things with the aid of chatting on the subject on Facebook Messenger. It covers a wide array of subjects from different categories that assist in simplifying the learning experience. It even provides a new direction for the students while learning new things.

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