How Drip Marketing and Nurture Campaign Enhances Leads?

Many advertisers understand the intensity of executing automated drip campaigns to transform leads into clients by moving them through the sales cycle. Truly successful advertisers know the best value for your using drip campaigns to welcome new customers as well as nurturing existing customers.

What is an email drip campaign??

“An email drip campaign is an activated grouping of computerized messages sent on a predefined timetable to focused email supporters to accomplish the desired outcome. “

The computerized and activated email campaign empowers you to personalize messages to your supporters on a vast scale, based on an action.

#Suppose a site visitor fills a contact form seeking for a free facility like PDF from you. When they click on submit, a customized mechanized email with the promised report is sent to the subscriber.

But you don’t want the relationship with your subscribers/Supporters to end there. After when you end up with the first email, you have to introduce yourself or your business. For that you can send another email related to the same topic, which makes itself very interesting related to the educational and interesting topic for the clients to visit, this is the next and foremost step to take initiative to invite the client to sign up for your business or buy a product.

In any case, if you don’t need the relationship to end here with your Subscribers. After the chief email, you’d need to present yourself or your business, send another email identified with a similar subject the subscriber is interested in, welcome the contact to agree to accept your business or purchase an item.


Each time a drip email is sent out, it comes from a queued list of pre-composed messages, so you don’t need to sit around your work area and compose an email for each new contact.

Content Marketing

Obviously, effective customer drip campaigns begin with a content marketing strategy that directs your efforts and keeps you concentrated on what you need to achieve with your drip. Starting with well-defined strategy enables you to create drip campaigns that react to the particular needs and interests of explicit clients. You also have the privilege to generate leads from WordPress for that you need to hire professional experts.

Another One!!

A single email newsletter won’t make a deal for your business, as one instant message won’t persuade anyone or make them feel like it’s needed unless its a very essential thing.

Automated email drip campaigns have been proved that they are best over other techniques, toward achieving your business destinations, for instance:

  • increase sales
  • to effectively nurture your leads,
  • communicate regularly with your customers or
  • re-engage lost customers in a scalable way.

Just like dating! you have to be strategic and start with a catchy first message, introduce yourself properly. After you finish the nurturing, you can invite your crush for a cup of tea.

Why do you need Automated Drip marketing?

Few ideas on how automated drip marketing is beneficial for everyone.

  • Automated Drip marketing can help you to re-engage leads. Instead of letting go any of your leads manage to
  • One can design and schedule the entire workflow of your drip marketing.
  • Automate personalized drip campaigns with relevant content and context lists based on their demographics, website behavior, email engagement, and many such factors.
  • Drip emails are advantageous for the sales team as well thus, helps in sending the right information at the right time, however, drive leads through the marketing-sales funnel faster.

Nurturing Leads

Leads aren’t like money. You can’t spend them or get anything of significant worth from them until you flourish a fruitful relationship with them and help them invest in your course.

A lead is somebody who has shown interest in your product or services. The individual comes with the intent to gather more data, so this is the opportunity you have to use your authentic technique of Drip marketing to strategize of which thing you ask for. Several types of messages work well for support leads:

Nurturing Leads

  • Invitations: Ask your lead to participate in an interactive event, such as a webinar or Twitter chat.
  • Reminders: Help the lead recall why he or she made contact with your business in the first place.
  • Pain points: Identify issues that the lead currently faces, then explain how your course can resolve those issues.
  • Promotions: Create a tipping point for your lead by offering a special promotion, such as a discount off your most popular course.

Lead nurturing might take time however; it solves your issues quickly and effectively. If you wish to offer something you can take advantage of and ask for the thing.

#For example, with regards to pain points, you can address a few issues in your drip marketing:

  • Price: Clients especially need an explanation of why the cost is so much? Explain to them why you’ve set your value point on the course. Accept their negotiation if they offer, or you can offer them the discounts and draw them towards the selling funnel.
  • Time: Give them enough space to understand the concept, but not much. You can also educate your lead about online courses. Make sure he or she knows the sufficient things required in the project.
  • Need: Know your USP(Unique selling proposition) and why it applies to your lead. Give your prospect the wider horizon to explore your other services and make them learn of all its advantages and outcomes in their life.

Simply remember that your leads may originate from better places. You can section them based according to the interests of the client.

When Should You Use Drip Campaigns?

Drip email campaigns

Drip email campaigns cover different advertising systems to accomplish explicit outcomes through customized activated messages.

There are some situations where drip campaigns prove to be useful. Cases in which you can computerize the whole email arrangement for changing over leads into paying clients, teaching your clients, offering data and updates to your clients, and so forth.

Here are 8 situations where drip email campaigns prove to be useful:

  • Welcome clients with an automated drip campaign
  • Drip campaigns for bloggers
  • Generate your income with card abandonment drip email sequence
  • Promotional offer with email drip campaigns
  • Facility to pitch the sale with an email drip campaign
  • Discuss coming up events with drip email campaigns
  • Send customized messages to your potential client

There are more drip campaign examples you can set up for your business relying upon what you need to accomplish with your campaigns.

Drip campaigns can enable you to manage your leads into your business channel and tell them the best way to utilize your item.

The way to make the ideal drip is to customize it as per your industry and business needs. This way you will be able to optimize it dependent on your intended interest group needs and behavior.


This article is written by Morris Edwards, a digital revenue growth specialist, and a Web Designer working in Awebstar Technologies Pvt Ltd.– E-commerce Website Design Company Singapore.

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