How to Fix All the Possible IP Address Errors?

Have you ever wondered how to fix the pop up “windows found ip address conflict” when turning on your pc or taking it out of sleep mode? It can be quite easy for some people to fix, but it is sometimes complex for those who are new to networking. Like most people may wonder what that implies, The general cause of this is two systems or devices having the same static ip address (LAN network). It is used to distinguish the device on networks that it should be static and stable for a secure connection. The routers use ip addresses to channel network traffic to the correct machine. Two devices having the same ip address makes it difficult, and it conflicts with its purpose.

Some common causes of ip address errors can be

  • The router failing to give a unique ip address for the devices
  • Due to DNS (domain name system) server
  • Incorrect configurations
  • Manually allocate the same static address to two computers
  • ISP not recognized by the modem
  • Having multiple devices connected the wireless router to the network and DHCP is enabled in more than one device

These errors can be corrected manually by the following methods:

Configuring the IP address

You can reboot the system, but it may take a while to reassign a new ip address to the device. Another method can be to manually configure and assign different combinations ip addresses to both devices. For this, you need to enter and command a prompt as IPCONFIG/RELEASE and IPCONFIG/REVIEW to configure. This is precisely what rebooting does but takes too long, and doing it so manually resolves the errors by reassigning different ip addresses.

Due to DNS (Domain Name System), Server

A DNS is like a phone book of the internet, and for us to start a website, it is obvious that we need a domain name that could be brought on various networking platforms. For instance, a DNS (domain name system) server gives an address to your device, and then an error could also occur on its part. And if you keep your device on sleep mode, then your server may assume that your device no longer accesses the internet and which is why it allocates your ip address to a different device near you. This problem could be solved by rebooting your device or system.

ISP not recognized by the modem

This can be another error that is causing ip address conflicts, as the internet provider may fail to recognize the modem we are using, which may arise an issue. This might happen due to the change of modem, which becomes unrecognizable by the service network provider. In this case, one should contact the internet service provider so that they can resolve this issue from their side. Sometimes, there could be a glitch, too, and these issues are mostly temporary and can be resolved if addressed accurately.

Restarting the Router

Even if the methods as mentioned earlier don’t work out after trying them all. The error is not solved, then before consulting the network service provider, you can still do a thing manually by switching off the WIFI router or unplugging it and restarting it all again cause sometimes there might be some technical glitches, or your router may be malfunctioned and caused the ip address error.

Restarting a router will resolve the connectivity issue, and all the connected devices with be reconnected in a proper order, with none of them having a similar universal ip address. This is a simple method to resolve the connectivity issue instantly without any need for a technician or technical knowledge about networks and computers.

Checking Your Router Firmware

If you are good with connectivity and software, then you can try this step on your own, it can be a little complicated, but it usually solves the problem. You need to check what firmware your router runs on and see if it is updated with the latest firmware or is it still running on the old firmware software. Routers with outdated firmware may tend to create such ip address errors.

To update the router, logon to the firmware update option from the software and click on update. This also depends on the router model as some companies provide auto-update facilities. In contrast, others ask you to do it manually by downloading additional files and uploading them to the system. So, if you are unable to find any update for firmware, then you can check out the website of the manufacturer of your router.

Having multiple devices connected the wireless router to the network and DHCP is enabled in more than one device.

If the error is not resolved with all the above methods you can login into router using this guide by If it still creates an issue then the issue is not related to (router or DNS).then the issue might have been the adaptor. The adaptor properties must be checked out thoroughly to resolve this issue, see where it is set on automatic for receiving the ip address. If it’s not, you should set it to automatic so as to receive the updates, and it could be the main reason that you must be facing the ip address conflict. After this, your system might start working well again as this issue arises if you set the address static. This is why it doesn’t obtain the internet protocol address.

Suppose the solutions, as mentioned earlier, do not work for your system and resolve the errors. In that case, it must not be the problem of the ip address, something else to have a role in conflicting the internet protocol. One should have been able to resolve their problems with these above if they had done it accordingly and accurately, some might find the above solutions complex to do themselves if they are not too familiar with internet and software knowledge they should contact a technician or their internet provider for help.

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