IOTransfer 3 – Our Verdict on the “New Age iPAD/iPhone Manager”

An ultimate tool and video downloader – this is what grabs the eye when you visit the website of IOTrasnfer 3, a tool that boasts of superior handling capabilities and management when it comes to handling your Apple hand held devices. Apart from that, the tool also includes a complete package for video downloading and more, managing media files, transferring important data and creating back-ups. The claims somehow pointed us towards testing the same so that we can really check if the ease of Android has really been introduced into iOS.

Our testing for iPhone Transfer software

One of the major reasons why iPhone and iPad people face problems in their devices is – the data transfer. No matter how much luxury accompanies you, the iPhone transfer is always a pain. This is the reason why several iPhone Transfer software were introduced in the market but none of them could really stand up to the mark, somewhere lowering our expectations.

IOTransfer 3 on the other hand proved to be one of the best iPhone Transfer Software that we have used in the recent times. Not only did it prove to be good when it comes to backing up the data, this iPhone Transfer software helped us transfer the media files and the heavy important data in a matter of few seconds. No – the–e is no extra file format or backup that needs to be transferred. A simple click and you are ready to transfer the files as per your convenience – it is that simple. To be honest, this came as a surprise for all of us. To check even further – we made changes in the videos, the media files, the albums as well as the contact list to check again and the software came out with flying colours. Standing true to its name there, it did push us to look even more this time.

The best was perhaps yet to come as when we tried sharing from one device to PC, we ended up finding it even easier – just a single drag and drop had worked quite well. Even though iTunes itself is too much of a ruckus, this software tool proved to be the new revolution in the transfer of files – be it media or backup.

Our rating here- 9/10

The UI and UX of the IOTransfer – ease of use

The UI and UX of the IOTransfer – the dashboard itself is easy to use and handle. Not as smooth as an experience you might be expecting after the read on its functionalities, we can still say that it was easy to use and function with. The dashboard has a decent design and feel to it – a significant distance from the experience offered by the commonly used iTunes. One of the best things about the dashboard is its navigational structure which allows an ease of use which is quite remarkable in itself. Needless to say, we found it smooth – the menus and links were easy to find. The quick links and most used menus appear first. The loading time of the dashboard is also good, which does prompt to tell that the interface is light and stable.

Our Rating – 8/10

The Video Downloader – genie in the making?

One of the worst nightmares arrives when it comes to downloading the videos for the Apple devices. Whether it is a podcast or a video from the tube sites – it is quite hard to sav the videos for offline use. This is perhaps the reason why several people have gone lengths in discovering and even developing tools of their own so that the downloading and sharing of videos becomes as easy as it is in Android. The Free Online Video Downloader in the IOTransfer suite is one of a kind – it does what it say and helps in saving videos from popular websites, including Youtube itself. On The GO viewing of videos has been tough when it comes to apple devices but after having used the platform for different video and tube sites, we can confirm that the videos can be saved directly into the iPad and iPhones. Pretty convenient there, there is no need to sync from iTunes anymore when you have the Free online Video Downloader, nothing to worry about at all. Simply find the video you’d like to download and with a single click, keep it in your device for as long as you want.

Our Rating – 9/10

The Verdict

Pretty convenient, easy to use and some cool funky applications as well as a good feel to it – this tool is surely one thing that you should have if you are an Apple Device owner and want more freedom as well as are looking to ease up some processes.

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