The Most Popular Kitchen Design Solutions in 2022

Many years ago, kitchens were rooms that were hidden at the back of homes. They were meek places where dirty dishes were washed, and meals were prepared. Now that we have fast-forwarded to 2022, kitchens employ many different roles. They serve commonly as the focal point of a home and a place that brings people together. We parade around them – their warmth and beauty echoing around the center of our house. Just like best home tools used, kitchens have really changed over the years.

Technology has advanced, and social dynamics have led to ever more changing designs. With the help of top design experts, we’ve come up with several design solutions for 2022. Let’s find out more.

Get smarter

2022 has seen the introduction of technology into the home, and not just in the form of cheesy gadgets and one-use appliances. Smart kitchens are completely evolving as the true aspect of design. Most kitchens today are built smart from the ground up, including sensors and gadgets that add convenience to the homeowner. Nowadays, you can have a refrigerator that alerts you when you’re running low on milk or coffee makers program to have things ready when you wake up. Everything from egg monitors to underfloor heating – technology integrated kitchens are ever more popular and a brilliant solution to a static and sterile space.

White is a thing of the past

Another solution we would recommend is to ditch white color. 2022 has seen an increase in dark color popularity within kitchens. If you’re all set in a white room, it will be a good idea to break up the pure white with a series of painted colors or different stains of wood. By mixing things up, you can really enhance a more luxurious and elegant atmosphere in your room. Currently we would recommend going with dark jewel tones such as emerald green, black, navy and plum tones. These colors work perfectly for cabinets and appliances – it’s no wonder that more people are selecting colors such as this in 2022.

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Streamlining your design

Early 2000 has seen styles such as mid-century modern and farmhouse growing in popularity. However, people are becoming in tune with their aesthetic and going for a more streamlined feel. The reason behind this is to create a stress-free environment and make the kitchen somewhere that you would like to come home and drown out the day in. Simplicity is key with 2022 Kitchen Design. A simple look is all about clean, modern, and refined style. We would recommend removing upper wall cabinets – these will create a visual space that is much brighter and larger. The vast majority of people can’t reach their cabinets when they’re up high anyway!

When we talk about streamlined design, by no means do we want to equate this with a boring aesthetic. Think about textural contrast in the kitchen, using different grades of wood and bringing in those form elements. If you’ve got some wood as an example, bring in some metal. Get creative and think of options that work for your space.

Quartz is key

When you look at different countertops, especially with Italian kitchen design, you’ll notice that quartz is a brilliant material to choose from in 2022. It is a hardy material that is antimicrobial and very easy to maintain. Competitors such as granite require more maintenance and cost a little more. When you’ve got a quartz countertop, you can really choose from a wide range of realistic stone patterns and colors. We would thoroughly recommend it as a material to use, and, unsurprisingly, it has become trendy this year. Many design experts would point towards using neutral and softer colors in the kitchen, and quartz can be a brilliant material for this.

More effective storage solutions

If you’re looking at increasing the usability and decor of your room, grab your kitchen design toolbox and think about making storage effective. One of the most annoying things about cabinets and kitchens is that space is always wasted. Basic shelving and drawers have ever been designed in ways that waste a lot of space. The available space that you have in your room is often much too small for large items or vice versa.

We would recommend thinking about storage functionally. If you don’t think about making your storage more effective, it can be inadequate and can lead to a lot of frustration in the future. Cabinets are a brilliant thing to rework in the kitchen, and they don’t have to be the standards pull out style, as we have seen for many decades. All sorts of innovative solutions are available for kitchen design in 2022, such as Truro dividers, rollout trays, or caddies for pans. Do some research into products that can work for you and your space – you won’t believe how much fun you can have as a result of creating more effective storage solutions.

Kitchen design for you

We hope to have showcased a true palette of kitchen design for this fantastic year, debunking any doubts you may have had relating to modern kitchen design. Hopefully, you can take on board some of these kitchen design ideas and employ them in your own home. Get creative and get thinking!

What do you make of 2022’s kitchen design trends? Tell us in the comment section below.

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Ronald Pratt knows all about values in kitchen design, having worked as an interior designer for over 15 years. Ronald started as an architect but found it to be limiting and progress to interior design. Now he is an expert on the HomeMakerGuide and he likes to contribute to websites on a freelance basis writing about kitchens and architectural projects.

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