How Millennials have Revolutionized the Fashion Industry

The millennials, or the Gen-Y as they are also known as,are presently the largest generation in terms of their numbers. Thenumbers make them one of the most powerful consumer group and their shopping habits and opinions have the strength to make or break the deal. The tables have turned in their direction, and right now, the millennials are the ones calling the shots in the fashion world. Thanks to their ability to dictate fashion movements, and causing the success or demise of trends in the fashion industry,all things fashion have been becoming exciting by the day. So, how do the millennials exactly change the fashion world? Whatis the future of fashion industry going to be in the millennial era? Read on to find out the answers to these pertinent questions.

Bidding adieu to the logo

Remember the times when people used to proudly flaunt the brand logo on their tees, shirts, jeans, and every other form of clothing? That is a thing of the past, and the millennials now refuse to be a walking brand endorsement through the logos on their clothes. No matter how much brand conscious they are and whatever the price tags their outfits come with, they refuse to let it show on their clothes in the form of brand logos.

This has brought in a significant change in the fashion scene with everyone right from high-end brands to high-street designers adjusting their designs to cater to the desires and wishes of this new generation. For instance, two of the top high-street brands, Fitch and Abercrombie have removed their large brand logo from their popular sweatshirts range.

Going green to add value to fashion

You will have to give credit to the Gen-Y for being more responsible shoppers than the Gen-X. They are highly eco-conscious in their choices and are more likely to go for sustainable and eco-friendly products than any other variants.

Many of the top brand shave picked up on these preferences of the new generation and have made no delays in jumping on the ethical and sustainable fashion bandwagon. Perhaps one of the best examples of this lies in the recent initiative by H&M where they asked customers to bring in their old clothes and get new clothes at a discounted rate. The brand is also going for a green label on their clothes which indicate that it is sustainable in nature.


Refusal to come under any tags

One of the most noticeable facets of the millennial fashion is their refusal to come under any specific tags or definition. The generation puts a lot of emphasis on having individual style statements and refusal to be put into boxes. They are more into mixing it up and experimenting to bring in something that is totally unique. It is difficult to categorize the millennial fashion into casual, classy or edgy. It’s like one day you see a girl wearing jumpsuits and looking all pretty, and the very next day you will see her rocking a formal attire.

Different style woven into a single outfit is one best manifestation of millennial fashion, and the trending athleisure fashion has been made popular, all thanks to the Gen-Y. The brands like Nike have big plans coming up in showcasing the athleisure trend. Wearing joggers to the office, which you couldn’t even imagine a few years back, is no longer a cardinal sin.

Different style Women

The rise of Social media shopping

Social media has a huge role in the life of any millennial, and that extends to their fashion decisions as well. Social media also gives the millennials a chance to voice their likes and dislikes.

Now a single Instagram or Facebook post from anyone means a virtual army forming opinions about the entire brand. This far-reaching impact ensures that the brands are always kept on their toes if they want their sales to go through the roof.

Reflecting cultural sensibilities in their dressing

The millennials are proud of the cultural background that they come from and are also advocates of the cultural assimilation of the world. This reflects in the clothes that they choose. For instance, the traditional prints like tie and dye are making a comeback in the fashion scene. Seeing a saree worn over a crop top has become a common sight nowadays. Even the traditional jewelry forms a regular part of the accessories worn by the millennials.

The best thing about this cultural consciousness of the Gen-Y is that it helps in the revival of traditional handicrafts. You get to see more and more designers working traditional craftsmen of the country.

Quality over loyalty in choosing brands

Loyalty to a particular brand is entirely non-existent among millennials, and they are quick to switch up brands when they find a better and cheaper option from another brand. Regarding the social media influence as mentioned before, you will see one person following many fashion brands and the main reason behind this is to look out for posts on coupons and discounts, and not any brand loyalty.

Besides the affordability, the millennials have tipped the scales towards brands that offer versatility in their products and they are also more welcoming towards the new names in fashion. So, you will see the sale of versatile brands like forever 21 rising in tandem with the new names like Lubov Azria and Rebecca Minkoff.

It can be safely concluded that the millennials are the force to reckon with in the fashion world and the only designers that can survive are the ones who can keep up with the wishes and desires of this generation. The time of the Gen-Y has arrived, and they are the ones picking the winners and losers right from trends to designers.

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