Why should go into Project Management Plan?


The project management plan is a customarily approved document that contains the full details about the project. Project management is a live file document, which is not just written one time and interred in the secretary but perpetually updated. It is a full detailed document for getting any information about the project. The purpose of the PMP document is used to making any decision for the project in such unclear areas. The project management plan is not just for the planned schedule. This is only one component of the document. The project management plan was available for all project members to provide substantive project information and used to enclose all the project members. The communication of the project mainly depends on the project management plan.PPM spends more time for the check of the baseline is achieved, assure the project supporter and the organization to get all the benefits for the project without a proper plan the PPM also lies effectively.

Main Components of the Project Management Plan

  1. Baseline project for scope
  2. Management plans for scope
  3. Requirement management plan
  4. Schedule management plan
  5. Project communication management plan
  6. Project cost management plan
  7. Project Quality management plan
  8. Risk Management plan

Let us discuss every component of the project management plan. 

Baseline project for scope:

The project baseline is mainly defined as the cost of the project, and the schedule of the project is detailed out in baseline. It mentioned the price acceptable and schedule changes.

Management plans for scope:

Management scope is defined as the point of reference to the scope document given. The following are plan addresses –

  • The main scope of the project
  • Scope verification and measurement process
  • Change process

Requirement management plan:

The requirement management plan is a process of analyzing and gathering the documents for the requirements mentioned. There are many tools that are used to trace the requirements matrix.

Schedule management plan:

The schedule management plan is used to show the exact details of the project, and It helps get the start date and end date of the project and also, it shows the delivery date of the project.

Project communication management plan:

Project communication plan shows the reporting body of the project, in general terms which inform to whom, and also it gives the management report, design report, status review, etc.

Project cost management plan:

Project cost management plan is the process of managing the cost of the project, and mainly, the more cost is shown as human resources cost, hardware and software cost, license cost, travel cost, client visit cost, etc. there is a different management plan for the huge projects.

Project Quality management plan:

Project quality management plan states the quality of the project and the conditions of the project have taken by the clients, this acceptance is called the quality management plan for example

  • It contains an exact delivery date
  • Errors are very less
  • Schedules for inspection

Risk Management plan:

The Risk management plan contains the total risk of the project and should be continuously updated during the project running. Here always new risks added, and old risks are moved on. Each risk should have a probability rating.

Suggested sections for the project management plan: 

Executive Summary: Describe the content in a few paragraphs that include the key elements of the project.

An executive summary is a brief report in the Project, which is the most important executive summary for a manager to get the status of the project, without the need to get into the details.

Executive summaries are the most crucial for project documentation. It’s fair to say that almost every important decision in the projects involves the executive summary during the decision-making process.

Project Schedule: A high-level view on milestones and progress of a project, integrating three key elements: deliverables, duration, and critical dependencies.

Risk and issue management plan: The process to be employed on the project in order to manage risk. The factor that could derail the project and a plan for how issues will be addressed and controller

Scope of the Project Management Plan 

  • Project Management Plan certification have great opportunities all over the world
  • The certification of the Project Management Plan is the same around the world, that is Reason all the project managers have same the terms conditions, and it is easy to understand the project in short time of period
  • Project Management Plan certification person will follow the best rules and procedures in a project
  • Project Management Certified will get More Salary Compared to Project Manager That who doesn’t get certified with PMP.
  • By getting the certification in PMP, you have a better opportunity in your Career with high salary package. 

Advantages to Learn PMP

  • To improves to your desired result
  • To increases your business strategies
  • To set a proper scope to the project
  • To put a schedule and budget perfectly from the project
  • Google certification
  • It will turn your ideas into reality

Disadvantages to Learn PMP

  • Certification of PMP is Expensive
  • Get Certification in PMP is very Difficult
  • Time-consuming is more


In summary, many people thought pmp certification was expansive, time taking and difficult to get certified. But, many companies wanted to hire by the seeing pmp certification, this is an important credential in your resume, and it helps to build essential skills required to succeed. 

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