6 Reasons You Need A Property Survey Before Buying A Home

It might be tempting to skip getting a property survey when purchasing a parcel of land. After all, real estate is already so expensive in Australia and there are a whole bunch of other logistical fees to factor in.However, that’s all the more reason to get a professional survey done.

Without one, you could make costly mistakes when it comes time to build, renovate, or sell. Although it may cost a few hundred dollars upfront, a property survey done by professional land surveyors in Melbourne could save you thousands down the track.

Let’s take a look at why you need a property survey before buying a home.

To Make Sure You Get What You Paid For

How can you be sure what’s on the contract or deed corresponds to what you’ll actually receive?

The only sure-fire way is through a property survey. A property survey evaluates both the parcel of land and any buildings within it, which is essential for ironing out any discrepancies.

If you don’t do one, you might not get what you paid for and you’d be substantially out of pocket. Therefore, property surveys aren’t just important when buying a home; they come in handy when selling and renovating as well.

To Settle Any Boundary Disputes Up Front

Boundary disputes are the bane of a property owner’s existence. And they’re far more common than you think.

Should you inadvertently build over your neighbour’s land, even by as little as an inch, they could legally obligate you to knock the entire building down. The consequent construction costs would spiral into the tens of thousands, enough to send most homeowners broke. Boundary lines also let you know if your fences are properly aligned, and help mandate that each neighbour share the maintenance cost.

Therefore, it’s crucial you have current, extensive, and accurate information about your boundary lines from the get-go.

Even if you have access to an existing property survey, there’s a good chance it could be out of date. Older land surveys used outdated technology and methodologies, so they may vary considerably from a modern survey. It’s always best to get a fresh one done upfront to be safe.

For Zoning Classification Purposes

Can you open a small business in your new home? Or is the land strictly for residential use?

A property survey provides a legally sound zoning classification, which outlines exactly what you can and cannot do on the land. Even though you may already be aware of your zoning classification, the chances are you won’t know the fine details of the restrictions in place. A property survey is an effective way to clarify any doubts.

To Determine Whether You Can Subdivide

Two properties are better than one. And subdivision could be the key to financial independence. If you’re buying an investment property to rent out, there’s a good chance your ROI will skyrocket when you split it into two. And if you’re buying a family home, you need to know about your subdivision rights should you choose to divide it further down the track.

Subdivision restrictions, however, are complex, and vary from council to council and state to state. The best way to determine whether you can subdivide is to get a professional property survey.

You’ll not only find out whether it’s possible, but you’ll also learn exactly where you can divide and the associated restrictions involved.

To Pin Point Underground Cables And Drains

You may know everything about what’s on your land. But what about what lies underneath?

All sorts of cables, pipes, and drains could be weaving their way around beneath your new home: telephone, electricity, internet, plumbing, gas, and drains.

You need to know precisely where these are should you decide to renovate, rebuild, or extend. Furthermore, utility companies may have the legal right to use your land for maintenance, so it’s crucial to know where you stand.

Identify The Right Of Way And Easements

A property survey will determine the applicable ‘right of way’ or ‘easements’ that apply to your property or that of your neighbours. In this context, the term refers to the legal right for one to cross over another property in order to reach their own.

Easement conditions are not typically included on the deed, so the best way to identify them is through a property survey. That way, you’ll never have to deal with your neighbours trampling all over your lawn again.

Protect Your Investment With A Professional Property Survey

All these reasons and more make a strong case for getting a property survey done before purchasing a home. But above all else, forking out for a property survey is about protecting your investment. A home is the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy, so now’s not the time to be taking unnecessary risks.

A professional property survey and talking to a planning consultant will gives you an in-depth understanding of the legal restrictions surrounding your land. And it could save you from extremely expensive disputes further down the track.

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