Recently had a Repair and Still there is Water Leak Detection. What to do?

Did you know that household water leaks result in the waste of water that could supply approximately 11 million homes annually in the US? Put in other words, household leaks can waste about 900 billion gallons of water per year.

This stat probably brought your household leakage to your mind. An average family can waste up to 180 gallons of water in a week due to leaks such as that from the leaking pipe in your home that you are picturing right now.

The thing is you shouldn’t hold yourself guilty for all the water loss by leakage if you have already attempted to get it repaired. In fact, the person responsible for the improper repair work should be the one to blame for all the water loss.

The question now is, what should be your next steps. Let’s walk you through some of the moves you can make from here on:

  1. Cut the water supply to the leaking pipe

First things first, you should work to lower the wastage. Not only does a dripping pipe chip in water loss, but it also creates a mess in the area where it is leaking. If this is somewhere in your house, you are at an increased risk of slipping as well. Therefore, your first step is to locate the valve supplying the pipe and turn it off.

  1. Try to identify the root of the problem

It is possible that the plumber you called in failed to recognize the root of the problem. He may have misdiagnosed the problem, hence, solved it incorrectly. What you can do is try to determine the root problem yourself so you can either fix it yourself or call in a plumber and share your suspicions with him.

The possible culprits include:

  1. Clogged gutters: If the water around the drains in your house does not drain away, it will possibly collect and change the flow of the water. This can, in turn, cause a leakage by way of which the accumulated water flows in your home.
  2. Problem-causing pipe: Chances are that the plumber tried to find a quick fix for a pipe that requires a repair or replacement altogether. The pipe maybe too old or improperly installed. All such scenarios can causeserious leakage.
  3. Leaking appliances: Maybe the culprit behind the leakage is right in front of your eyes in the form of an electronic appliance, and you are not spotting it. So, check the dishwasher, fridge, washing machine, and other such appliances for leakage. Such a step ensures that you are not misdiagnosing the problem.
  4. Leaky roof: Finally, your roof can be the cause behind the mini-flood in your house. Note if there has been a heavy wind storm lately or your roof is very old and is nearing the end of its life.
  1. Try to fix the leak

If you can spot what is causing all the problem, you can attempt the DIY approach to fixing it. If it’s a leaking appliance such as a leaking fridge, try to fix it at home if you can or call in the concerned services for rectifying the issue.

If the problem is in a pipe, try to fix the issue by employing a pipe repair clamp. To this end, follow the instructions given on the package. Typically, you need to put a rubber sleeve over the leakage in the pipe. Next, bolt the two-part clamp over the sleeve.

  1. Find a better alternative to the plumber you called

If you are unsure of what to do or cannot pinpoint the leakage despite the repair, it is best to look for a professional service in your area that can correctly detect the leakage. This is possible if you look for someone experienced.

An easy way to that is by asking your friends and family members for a recommendation. If you can’t find any names from your circle, conduct a Google search by typing in the service required with your area name. For example, try ‘Leak Detection Austin’if you are in Austin.

The search will instantly pull up some names. Jot those down and check their websites. Check that the site has adequate contact details including a physical address. Visit the about page as well to learn about the leak detection service provider’s experience and certifications.

Finally, read online reviews of the company. Google and Facebook are the two leading review sources. Look for reviews there before you call the service providers and call them in to solve your concern.

Wrap up thoughts

Water leakage can be messy. On top of that, the issue is not one to be ignored as stagnant water can cause mold formation. Therefore, take your next steps quickly and do some thorough research before hiring a leak detection company.

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