Should I Get Artificial Nails (Acrylic Nails, Gel Nails) or Not?

As a fashion accessory, extensions are placed over fingernails to make them look longer and more attractive. These extensions have a lot of different names. They are called artificial nails, fake nails, false nails, fashion nails, acrylic nails, nail extensions, or nail enhancements. When this nail job is being done for a relatively long period of time gel or acrylic nails are the best choice. And for a shorter time, silks are used. They normally strengthen nail tips rather than making them longer.


Historically speaking, the exact origin of nail fashion is not confirmed. As in ancient Egypt, women used to dye their nails with henna as a symbol of social status. In Babylon, men were the ones to get nails prepared in kohl before the war. China came up with its nail fashion after that. They used to prepare a mixture then dipped their nails in it for several hours to shade them.

Health Concerns

These false nails are made up of various materials. These are generally termed as safe and are not meant to harm the natural healthy nails. However, some people still complain about getting infections. What happens is that the chemicals used to paste or erode these nails often irritate sensitive skin. It can cause redness, pus, or swelling. In the rarest cases, these also cause bacterial or fungal infections. Having pushed or smashed at a certain angle can damage your real nail from the skin bed.

For these reasons, women usually try to find the best and the most experienced nail salons to minimize the chances of putting themselves in a soup. Although nail fashion is not new, not much change occurred in the years as far as the process is concerned. If we look at how fashion evolved, we might see a change as this business started by cleaning and manicure services which later turned out into a whole different branch called nail art.

Types of False Nails

Acrylic nails are a combination of powder and liquid which begins to harden in 30–40 seconds after application and forms their final shape after fifteen minutes. These are by far one of the most commonly used types of false nails as they last a bit longer than the rest. These can be removed by using various solvents. Normally it costs fifteen to twenty minutes to remove the nail. Acrylic nail powders can be of different colors and often incorporate special effects like sparkles, glitter, and the most liked French manicure with a pink and white finish.

UV top coat is another material used that hardens under UV light. These have more properties but are more costly. They are not removed with the help of organic solvents. The only way to get rid of them is through filing.

Fiberglass of silk wraps is also one of those materials which are used for making artificial nails. Pieces of actual fiberglass or silk fabric are cut to give a shape and then it is pasted on the surface of the nail with the glue. These were designed for the women who were allergic to the chemical treatment used in the acrylic or gel process.


In the US, this fashion is also much common. American women like to have their nails done like any other in the world. Nail salons in Lincoln, Nebraska are always-on waiting which shows the craze. What is more interesting is that even today, as this trend flows in the world, still like other cultures perceived differently around different places. In some countries, it is kept simple and close to nature while in others it is done more loudly.

Those who do not want to play much with their real nails get fake ones. Nail fashions are also very trendy and seasonal. Previously, when fake nail fashion started, it started off with simple colored nails initially. Then with time as fashion evolved, different patterns and textures started to take the market by storm but they too were very less fortunate to last a long enough time.

These fake nails came up with designs that were had sand-like textures. These were quite taken the people and celebrated around different places of the world. Then some holographic effects became the trend. It gave a flashy rainbow reflection when exposed to light. Velvet false nails were another character in the season as women gave every fashion a try and gave their full energy in making it a successful one.

Initially, when fashion came up, there were not many places to go to get it done. Later as the market became more mature, plenty of outlets started. Big salons started to open that just focused on nail art and offered services only for the nails. The nail fashion industry made huge business in the cosmetics industry by selling different types of nails. The designs were so much that women often found difficulty in picking which one to go with. Imagine sitting in a nail bar in Lincoln Nebraska, and not being able to choose which one to go with.

The entertainment industry, being music or movies has always played a vital part in starting or promoting any fashion that has seen to date. Lady Gaga is known for her most different kinds of fashions and has a huge fan following around the world as a famous singer. It can be recalled that her nail art was also very different which later became a fashion for a certain type of people who associate their personality with that of the celebrity in any way.

The question is quite tricky to answer but it is generally said that for people who like to have really long, really pointy, or even 3D nail art, then acrylic is for them. If you want a more natural-looking extension, then go with gel, which is more flexible. If you use gel for very long extensions, it might break. The choice still remains with the final consumer.

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