Skin Disorders Related to Various Skin Types

Skin problems are something we all face at different stages of our life. They can be temporary or permanent, painless or painful depending upon the sensitivity of our skin. Some skin conditions might be genetic while others can be really life-threatening. However, there are various cures available for different types of skin conditions.

For an instance, a lot of people opt for mole removal surgery if they want to get rid of an unwanted mole. These type of surgeries are really common and have no risk at all. When it comes to certain skin conditions like eczema and acne, over the counter medicines can work the best.

If you are someone who has oily skin there are certain skin conditions you must be well aware of. This will help you in taking preventive measures before the symptoms get worse. The most common skin problem faced by oily skin is acne. Acne is caused due to the dirt and oil being trapped inside the pores. This results in clogged pores which ultimately get inflamed by bacteria and form acne.

Acne can also be caused due to an infected hair follicle. Any reputed doctor at the skin clinic will suggest you wash your face at least twice a day with a mild face-wash which has anti-acne ingredients in it. Under skin acne are also very common. These painful lumps are called nodules. If you have extremely oily skin then you may suffer from cysts which are typically larger and painful.

Acne can be treated with the help of over the counter medicines which can be prescribed to you by any dermatologist. You must look out for any scars that might be left behind even after the acne is cured. These scars can also be healed by tubes or lube available. If they are severe or more intense you can go for scar removal surgery.

People who have dry skin might be prone to a skin condition called Eczema. Eczema is a red itchy rash that usually happens when your skin is extremely dry and is unable to retain moisture. When your skin is infected with Eczema, dry and sore patches appear on the skin. It can also develop a yellowish light brown type of blisters over the infected area.

In certain cases, eczema can be painful. It is advisable to visit the best skin clinic so that you can avail the best treatment. Another skin condition which is highly noticed among people with dry skin is psoriasis. When a person is affected with this skin condition they might suffer from thick white and patchy inflammation of the skin. You can develop eczema if anyone from your family has had this skin condition or it can also be due to asthma.

The areas affected by psoriasis are usually the scalp, knees, elbows, and upper body. Your dermatologist will prescribe an ointment or tube which will reduce the problem to a certain extent. If your skin inflammation does not respond to any over the counter medicines then you should visit the best skin clinic to take the advice of the doctor who can help you further.

Skin problems are very common to happen. However, it is important to know the intensity of your skin disorder and treat them properly. Before opting for any treatment it is important to know the exact symptoms and identify the problem accordingly. Do not try any home remedies on these skin conditions. It might only end up irritating your skin even more and things could get worse. Let your doctor decide what is best for you.

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