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Best Last-Minute Gifts for Girlfriend Birthday

Your holidays are coming to an end and you haven’t done with your shopping yet. It’s okay to put everything off until the very...


Smartphones without Internet

Are Smartphones without the Internet Really Smart?

We have been very smart, in almost all categories of inventions. Today, we have smart homes, smart vehicles and smart phones. But what does...
Low Code Application Development

A Simple Guide to Low Code Application Development

Since the inception of app development, the code has always been its backbone. This is part of the reason why a lot of people...
Salon Management Software

6 Must-Have Features of a Salon Management Software

In this day and age, a business needs the help of technology to be able to get past the competition. The same principle applies...
My Google Drive

My Google Drive is Slow in Uploading / Downloading- How to Fix This?

Google Drive is a free, popular and widely used cloud storage service across the globe. Now, as it is a cloud storage application, it...
Women Drive Future of Tech

Why Women Will Be Driving the Future of Tech and How

When we talk about innovators in the world of technology, first of all, we remember outstanding men. However, we must not forget that the...


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