The Benefits to Enterprises from Laravel Development Services

I believe all the open source PHP frameworks are a few bunch of joy that suggests their own significance for software developers. With the help of MVC (Model View Controller), they excel as one of the robust web app development frameworks. 

It may quite interest you to know that Tayler Otwell, the creator of Laravel, was initially interested in creating an alternative advancement to the Code Igniter framework. The reason behind its making was that the version wasn’t able to provide a certain amount of features such as built-in support for user authentication and authorization. After the first beta release of Laravel in 2011, the framework kept marching ahead without ever looking back and showing no signs of slowing down.

There are many PHP frameworks available in the industry, such as:

  1. Laravel
  2. Symfony
  3. Code Igniter
  4. Cake PHP
  5. Zend
  6. Yii

And, it’s right up there on the list of reasons why people especially budding and existing enterprises prefer Laravel development.

Being an open-source in nature, the framework provides great assistance when it comes to building MVC and web apps hassle freely. With clear assistance to MVC approach and incorporating features such as simple verification and catching, session handling, simple routing, flexibility and unit texting for making everything precise from small sites to big enterprise apps, nothing can stop Laravel from becoming a celeb among the development realm. The question is why enterprises should opt for Laravel development services?

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  1. Proper security- Are you having your own e-commerce business? If yes, then I am pretty sure that all your privacy and resources of the client data must be at stake. Which means, your business requires a secure framework? And nothing can beat Laravel as it comprises of an extremely reliable system.
  2. Convinces lots of audiences- Laravel development companies are seen offering a comprehensive solution these days. In fact, you can build a multilingual app easily. And as a matter of fact, the app enriched with many features is scalable. The technology can be applied to every device or browser. Which, in return, has the potential to drive more traffic in the direction of the web application of your organization.
  3. Improved performance- This one is my favorite! No other framework can beat this one when it comes to an excellent performance of the website application. With the help of tools like Redis and Memcached, app development becomes a joy ride. In short, with the assistance of Laravel, there is no denying in the fact that you can have the highest performing website application.
  4. Most Advantageous Features- This is where the framework rules and thereby, is considered among the best PHP web app development frameworks. Easy to write, simple routing method, view composers, easy unit testing, flexibility to develop any and every kind of app for both straight and large enterprises are some of its core features to take into account.
  5. Traffic Handling- Why do we create a web app? Of course, it is to drive more traffic someday in case, if not today! In the present scenario, the more web traffic an app draws, the more are the request numbers it should deal with each second. It also means this app’s hosting will be expensive than ever. Even often, the website server can prevent functioning with data loss. For this, it is very crucial for you as business who must not want to see yourself in such a situation. The framework provides the message queue system, which, in my point of view, is one of the tactics in use for load balancing alongside others. As a result, this keeps a web server healthy. It does this by boosting app speed and maintaining data integrity.

Laravel Business Use Cases

Large enterprise-level applications- There’s a popular belief is that the bank applications which require the integration with multiple payment solutions. You as a business can handle thousands of concurrent user sessions at the same time, facilitate complex workflows, and secure transactions should be built with either Zend or Symfony – and the same rule applies to all large-scale web applications.

Laravel Business Use Cases

At present,

  • The Number of Live Laravel Web Sites: 1,20,560 +
  • Total Number of Downloads: 3,50,246+
  • PHP Laravel is the most popular framework in the entire web app category

Last but certainly not the least, being a feature and functionality rich PHP framework, Laravel grants mammoth of benefits and going to describe it is not possible in such short posts. If you have a curiosity to dive deep in the framework and its benefits or have decided to have a project with Laravel development services, a dependable Laravel development company is a must to get go.

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