Top 5 Job Vacancies in Delhi- Apply Now With Your Commercial Driving License

Job Vacancies in Delhi

It’s an appropriate time for drivers to grab the opportunities in their respective field. Especially for those who are thinking to pedal their career by pushing clutch or break in Delhi. There are top 5 job vacancies available for interested applicants.

We all admit the fact that in drivers the main thing on which everyone has to focus on is license and safety drive. Mainly the reputed companies hire driver in India only who is having a clean background. They understand it is all about customer safety; thus try to offer the best possible solutions. A professional driver should have proper knowledge such as rules and regulation of traffic lights. He should have adequate awareness about the roads or highways; so that can offer safe drive. Therefore the search process for drivers is in speed; private companies vacancies are running for eligible candidates.

Hence we can say that the companies who hire commercial driver in Delhi or other Indian cities Driver for hire can pay the salary 11K-15K. The profitability generally lies in the customer satisfaction. The professional having safe driving record, and proper knowledge of the route to the destination can provide reliable services to a customer. In this digital world, it is important that an individual should have appropriate knowledge about how to use GPS or maps to navigate the route.

Job Skills:

As we all know that the automobile applications whether certain skills operate machines or software. When we word under company or for customers then our first preference is patience; so that can listen to the passengers carefully instead of doing arguments. Along with this good vision and punctuality is a must.

  • Safe driving skills
  • License with no traffic violation records
  • Effective communication skills
  • Physically fit and no criminal records
  • Aspirants have to work for full-time
  • One must have a quality to keep the car neat and clean
  • Should have proper knowledge about GPS, map navigation tools

Top 5 Job Vacancies in Delhi, Apply Now With Your Commercial Driving License:

  1. Ola/Uber Cab Driver:

The applicants who want to work in the reputed companies can easily apply for a full-time job in a preferable location, i.e., Delhi. As one has to travel full-day, so generally a company looks forward for a male, who is adaptant to routes and possess a commercial driving license. In this, an individual has to work in a regular day shift. So it can be an opportunity for localities as there is only 1 vacancy.  According to company requirement, it is important that a professional should have the capability to communicate with customers in both the languages, i.e., Hindi and English. Therefore if you have experience in driving; whether as a commercial or private driver then can get a chance to work with Ola or Uber. The salary you can earn as a Ola/Uber driver could be anywhere in between 11K-15K.

  1. Commercial Driver:

There are 4 vacancies available for the individual those who work with a commercial license for loading vehicles. The amazing thing is that girls or even boys can apply for this profession. A company is waiting to hire a business driver for regular day shift. Just Jobs is offering you the chance to grasp the opportunity with high ranking salary, i.e., 11K-15K. There is no particular specification about communication; thus if you are comfortable speaking Hindi then can also apply. Even your high school degree is also applicable to a driving license.

  1. Personal Driver:

One who has extraordinary communication skills along with clean records can apply for the post of personal driver. You can easily apply for this job through the website just job. A personal driver generally earns between a package of 11K- 15K along with travel expenses and incentives. An individual has experience in this field can be appropriate for the full-time job. This post is especially valuable for those who are looking for the vacancy such as hire private driver. For this job, you do not have to shift from one location to another. The localities can easily apply for this job without going for any hectic schedule.

  1. Taxi Driver:

There are 4 vacancies available for the candidates who want to work as a cab driver in Delhi. There are some popular fleet companies which have opened the entrance for users. The highly skilled or experience personalities can are welcome as a cab driver. Those who have high salary expectation can easily work for a full-time job. The salary ranges from 16K to 20K; which is quite high. You can get a chance to drive various cars such as Dzire, Grand i10, scent, etc. No doubt the trends of cabs are increasing day by day; thus one should get an opportunity to earn a maximum salary.

  1. Heavy- Vehicle Driver:

As a heavy- vehicle driver, you are given in charge of a truck or heavy-vehicle which you are supposed to drive sometimes local and sometimes one has to travel inter-state. The job does not work according to a shift or rigid, rather one has to travel as per the requirement. So if you have a commercial license then can rush for an interview. The salary offered by the company is INR 16,000 to 20,000. This can be an excellent opportunity for those who have an excellent driving record along with no traffic violations booked under their name.

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