Top 8 Front-End Development Tools in 2018

Web development tools have evolved over a short period of time. But new tools are launched every year and it is has become difficult for developers as well as companies to implement and incorporate new tools each year in their business model. Front-end development is one of the most important components while designing and managing a website. And more and more web design services and companies have recognized its ability to improve interaction with users and also to make the website more attractive and appealing.  We did some research of our own and came up with a list of the Top 8 tools you can adapt to improve your site’s efficiency:

This is a superb editor which has a lightning fast user interface and ranks amongst the best in efficiency. It’s one of the most popular and best editors available in the market. The tool is in great demand because it allows editing in several areas at the same time and also allows developers to quickly locate symbols, files and lines. It’s compatible with several language grammars and provides a smooth editing experience to developers.

  • Chrome Developer Tools

These are built into chrome and allow debugging and editing of Javascript, HTML and CMS designs. Developers can perform testing in several ways hence making them time-efficient tools. Users can optimize the loading of websites and also reproduce multiple functions on mobile devices. The functioning of the browser can also be tracked effectively. If you want to practice or improve your skills keep an eye out for the updates that Google posts every six weeks on their website and on their YouTube Channel.

  • jQuery

jQuery is the most extensively used JavaScript library which gives front-end developers the power to track functioning of multiple aspects of an application. The tool helps to simplify things like HTML documenting, Ajax and manipulation of data. It’s a great tool for enhancing and developing animations, adding plug-ins and even locating and tracking documents. The tool assists developers in creating interactive and visually enhanced web applications. It offers browser compatibility and is freely available to users.

  • GitHub

It’s a web development tool which was designed specifically keeping in mind the way you work as a developer on a daily basis. This is a great platform which provides developers the functionality to review coding of projects, manage them and also to develop new software. The user can view any mistakes they performed during the coding process of a project and it can also be used to return a project to its previous state. GitHub allows users to coordinate their actions and also work in cohesion with the project. There are additional features like bug tracking, task management and creating wikis for projects. So if you require a tool for performing quality coding this is the tool for the job.

  • Meteor

The name says it all. Meteor is a fully loaded javascript structure which consists of numerous libraries and packages. It is one of the top-notch development tools available in the market. The tool was developed on the basis of concepts and designs taken from other web structures to make its prototyping easy. When it comes to development it helps to efficiently develop coding and in turn, reduces development time. It provides two databases which are written in Javascript and they are MongoDB and Minimongo. Applications are developed smoothly and Meteor includes numerous front-end libraries and NODE js based servers for enhanced functionality.  Lastly, its live reloading feature only requires refreshing of the DOM elements of a project.

  • Twitter Bootstrap

If you are fed up with typing in the same style for a section than Twitter Bootstrap might be your answer to this problem. Once front-end development for applications begins you’ll start observing that typing is a common issue. User Interface frameworks are designed to specifically tackle this problem and they do this by collecting the common elements and transforming them into reusable ones. This means that developers can arrange elements of new projects in a speedy and easy manner. One such effective UI framework is bootstrap which was developed by Twitter. It is packed with tools which help to standardize stylesheets, develop modal applications, and add JavaScript plugins and many other functions. Bootstrap is famous for cutting down the coding time which is required to build a website.

  • Angular JS

Since its Google product, it will definitely be the top development contenders. It is counted as one of the best in its field and the release of its latest Angular 6 version has put it on the charts yet again.  It has received 580404 stars on GitHub from a lot of web developers. Companies who wish to make their applications and websites readable and expressive must use Angular JS.

  • SaSS

Its the most trustworthy and dynamic amongst the CSS extension languages available in the market. The tool provides the functionality of enhancing the variable and nesting issues in applications. You can easily write any code and can change the color and other values as well. It offers formatting and customizing options as well.

The demand for front-end-development tools is on the rise due to the never-ending developments in web technology. We hope this list will help you in choosing the right tool which can optimize your website as well as your application. After all, a good online presence can boost your brand image in front of customers.

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