Top Day Trip Destinations from London

The great thing about London is not only is it chock-a-block with world-class attractions, but also has some very cool places to visit beyond its borders.  From world-class entertainment venues, first-rate museums, historical palaces – the list goes on. The bottom line is, London has so much to explore and enjoy, that you will be hard-pressed to decide what to visit!

London’s luxury hotels are among the best in the world, and to experience the finest the city has to offer to stay in a hotel in central London would be perfect.

A Westbourne Terrace hotel would be ideal to stay on a trip, in the heart of the city.

The Shaftesbury Hotel London, Paddington is a great option, which offers boutique luxury accommodation at an attractive price. Those who have had their fill of London’s main tourist attractions and looking for something different will enjoy taking a day trip out of the city. For the ultimate countryside and town experience, we have some great destinations worth a visit. These include:

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens: The world knows, the English are famous for their green-finger talents. Britain is home to the finest gardens and a visit to Kew Gardens only reaffirms the fact. Located approximately 10 miles to London’s west, it lies along the banks of the River Thames. During the 1700s when European power was at its pinnacle and landscaped gardens were all the rage, Kew Gardens in London was the epitome of a British landscaped garden at its finest. In its 250 years of existence, the Royal Botanic Gardens (its official name) have become so popular it has achieved World Heritage Site status. Sprawling across 300 acres, the Garden houses a vast arboretum, art galleries, the Waterlily House, the Rhododendron Dell, quaint cottages, Victorian-era glasshouses, the Azalea Garden and plenty more.

Downtown Abbey

Downtown Abbey: One of the most acclaimed period television series, Downtown Abbey has attained fame and popularity with viewers across the world. Highclere Castle is the location for the filing of the series and is one of the most popular day trip destinations out of London. Highclere Castle’s location is in Hampshire, 70 miles to the west of London and is home to the Earl of Carnarvon and his family. The castle is famous for its stunning interior decor and has 1000 acres of exquisite parkland. Definitely, one of the best locations to visit on a day trip from London!


Stonehenge: Another World Heritage Site in Britain, the purpose for which Stonehenge’s construction took place still mystifies scholars and archaeologists.  Over five millennia old, transporting the massive slabs of stone and their amazing layout is still a mystery. How was it possible to move the stones from their quarry, across 150 miles without any appropriate mode of transport? Some academicians theorise that Stonehenge served as a spot for religious rituals by the early pagans. Summer solstice is when the place attracts visitors from far and wide. The area has a lot of Neolithic relics with another stone circle at Ave bury and burial mounds.

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