10 Video Animation Tips that Every Animator Must Keep in Mind

Animated videos are truly the most powerful of this era as it has not only been used for the entertainment purposes only but also serve many other industries to market themselves, generate awareness, educate people, advertise their work, and so much more. The only thing that backfires while using the video animations is the stumpy quality of the work, which is needed to be improved in order to create an outstanding animated video.

It is a responsibility of the video animators to create the premium quality animated video for any purpose, whether it be a movie for kids or an explainer video for a marketing & sales meeting. Creating quality content can only become easy when the animator knows all, the right techniques to apply while working on the animation.

Here Are 10 Things Animator Should Do:

  1. Selecting the Right Tool Is the Real Deal

Animation can be done correctly when the platform is appropriate for the animators to work on it. There are countless video animation tools that are designed and developed for providing ease to the users, but every tool is specified for making a particular type of animation. It would be best if the animator would research about all the video animation software and pick the most suitable one to work on it.

  1. Know the Reason & Intended Audience for the Video

Since video animations are nowadays used in every other industry for a variety of purposes, it is essential to learn the reason to create the animated video to make the relevant content so that the quality will be highly maintained. Also, it is mandatory to understand who will be the target audience for the video so that the animator must be aware of the situation and create the video that will strike the respective audience easily.

  1. Get Awareness About the Script Before Working On It

Although it is not the area of work of the animator to manage the script but it does not mean that they have nothing to do with the story line. It is essential that they should be aware of the story so that the animated video will turn it to be the one that is expected.

  1. Draw Everything on Paper First

The practice of drawing everything off on the paper first is very common in the animation industry, whether it be an explainer animation companies or any of the big movie-making industry. It will provide clarity for the animators to have a look at what they are going to develop on the tool, and whether their thoughts synchronized with the storyline or not.

  1. Perform & Record Your Actions Before Finalizing

Many people are unaware of this tip, but there are some industry experts who follow this rule to uphold the quality of the work. By performing the actions before applying it on the characters, it will be easy to judge whether a certain movement will look appropriate when it is implemented in the video or not.

  1. Taking Feedbacks Is Very Beneficial

If anyone wants their work to be of premium quality, attract the viewers that easily, and does not comprise of so many flaws, then it would be best if they will take reviews from the experts and other people. Embracing all the criticism and making improvements in the work will eventually result in enhancing the quality of the animated videos.

  1. Be Careful While Setting the Duration of Video

The duration of the video has to be calculated with precision. The video must be too long or too short of causing a catastrophe. A movie is supposed to run for an hour or so, so make all the actions clear to let the audience perceive it well. However, when we talk about the short videos or the explainer videos created by the explainer animation companies, they do not have to work on dragging the details. Instead, the videos have to be short, and the message should be delivered with clarity in a short time to make the audience understand the concept without getting bored.

  1. Sounds & Music Should Coordinate With the Narrations

Background sounds and music has to be applied according to the situation that is going on in a specific act. Also, the volume and pitch should not be that loud that it interrupts the speech in the video. The narrations play a vital role, so be careful to deliver it with lucidity.

  1. Keep Everything Simple & Avoid Over-Animating Any Act

Simplicity is the only thing that entices people very easily. Keep the details minimal and do not try to show too many movements in one scene to confuse the audience where to put the focus on.

  1. Apply Movement Psychology & Gravity Effects to Make the Video Attractive

Although video animations are beguiling enough to capture a viewer’s attention, but with some additional effects, it will turn out to be a piece of marvel. Applying movement psychology will help the animator to allocate the right acts at the right time on a particular character. Whereas, the gravity effects will generate a realistic effect in the video, making it look more eye-catching.

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