10 Reasons Your Boss Hates Yoga

You are getting better with your yoga postures and are very satisfied with the changes it has bought in you. But do you know that this new workout can make you jobless? Yes, because the boss hates yoga! Now you may think what’s your yoga training has anything to do with your boss? This means you are looking for reasons and we have jotted 10 down here in this 5-minute read. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the first one:

  1. Your productivity is skyrocketing

Your boss will surely love the productivity as you are way too quick now with performing your tasks efficiently. But sooner or later, this new energy will start to pinch your boss as he may think that slowly but definitely you are getting better than him with skills and business. The boss may feel like you are diligently learning and practicing what one needs to learn the business and it might indicate that you are looking to run a competitive business in the future. So, to prevent this risk, he’ll start to detest you, limit your access to important documents, and in extreme cases, may fire you. To avoid this, just keep it simple at least in front of your boss.

  1. You are distracted

Opposite to your productivity, you may get unproductive or careless about the work because you are consistently thinking of how you can start hitting your yoga session again. And that is a big reason for your boss to get angry with you. Just to avoid that, make sure you fully concentrate on the work alongside thinking about your next yoga session or you know the consequences then.

  1. You weigh mental peace more

Now this one can be linked with the distraction, but we have written it down differently for a reason. Being distracted and looking for mental peace more than work is different. In the latter case, you’ll be more concerned about keeping the extra work aside and concentrating only on what’s important. Therefore, you may refuse to obey when your boss asks you to stay a little longer after office time for the completion of the task at hand. And that may get the boss angry and he may neither love this transformed behavior nor your yoga training anymore. To avoid this, make sure you tactically deal with what your boss is asking.

  1. You Need healthy Activities

Now with the mental peace, you’ll look to get involved in activities that are good for your physical health. That’s why you’ll ask your boss to arrange a sports event, a trip, or more of such recreational activities. And that’s what your boss won’t like about you because he’s more concerned about the work, business, and the amount of time you utilize for completing a task. To avoid that, plan your trips or recreational activities tactfully and after a certain period like once in a month or so on.

  1. You are connected to a supportive community

When you join classes to learn yoga anywhere in the town, you make friends and many of the time they are very supportive, no matter to what field they belong. This means that you have a chance to land a job in a better environment and of course your boss won’t be pleased to know about your new connections. To avoid this, don’t share your yoga classes’ stories with your boss or colleagues.

  1. You are asking to get rightly paid

Since you are calm and focused on performing your job, therefore, you have an idea of how much are you accomplishing in the day. That’s why you know the reasonable consideration of the service. And, if you are working for someone who is paying less than the reasonable, you surely will ask for an increment and that may not impress your boss. To avoid that, just don’t ask your boss for a salary increment, especially, when he’s grumpy.

  1. You want to help others

Being a yogi, you are close to your colleagues and if one or two are also members of your yoga club, you’ll surely support them both in the office and outside. Therefore, when you see them in trouble because your boss is biased with him/her, you’ll present yourself for support. And for that, your boss is surely going to hate you and the yoga that has made you be like this. Now to avoid this, don’t go against your boss openly.

  1. You are inspiring others

You are being positive, energetic, calm, contented, and your colleagues are noticing this change in your behavior. Therefore, they surely will start to follow your track, which means they’ll start doing things your boss was not comfortable with seeing you doing them. To avoid this, you don’t need to share yoga tips in the office openly and if someone’s interested, let him ask you privately.

  1. Beginner Yogi’s lag

As a beginner when you spend time getting your postures right and keeping your body stable, there’s surely a chance you embrace muscle pain, back pain, or something like that. Therefore, you’ll look to take some rest and which may make you take a day or two off from the work. Guess what, your boss won’t love your absentees and yoga as well.

  1. Your Boss was bad at practicing yoga

One reason your boss hates yoga could be that he/she wasn’t good at getting into the right posture for it. Yoga didn’t get him/her the output a yogi would look for. Therefore, he/she hates you being this good with your yoga sessions.

That’s all we can write on why your boss hates yoga. If you think we have skipped to include anything here, please write it down in the comment box below. And, if you are looking for the best yoga accessories seller online, do visit the Xn8sports, as they are offering quality for the affordable prices.

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