10 Surefire Ways in Which You Can Use Digital Signage to Boost Your Business

The use of updated, relevant digital signage content can help drive guest engagement. If businesses take time to create timely and interesting content that is relevant to the activities of in-store visitors and customers, then it will enrich their experience. Furthermore, fully engaged customers will be open to more information and will have a better understanding or your business. Here are ways in which you can use digital signage for your business.

You should use digital signs to showcase the best, most popular and most valuable services and products that your business offers. Make sure that these products and services are featured in the center and front digital screens that can be seen my most people. You can also update your information whenever you have new promotions or offers and products to ensure that you give them priority.

  • Eliminate competitors’ advertisements

When you have control over the content that is displayed on the digital screens in your business premises, you will know what your clients will be seeing. This way, you can completely eliminate commercials featuring your main competitors.  As a result, your office visitors and customers will not see offers from your competition and opt out.

  • Show product demos

Directions or demonstrations written on a sign, box, or leaflet cannot give adequate information and may be difficult for some customers to follow. You can use your digital displays to show your products in action. You can also create precise and easy to follow infomercials. This is an effective tactic, especially for products that are new in the market, offer visual results, or are difficult to describe.

  • Show off other platforms and properties

You can use digital signage to let your clients or visitors know about your other properties that they may be interested in. This includes both digital and physical properties that your business has.  Use these platforms to display different social platforms that your clients can use to connect with your business online. If you have other business locations or offers, you can explain how your clients can access these facilities and offers elsewhere.

  • Share new information about the industry or brand

Corporate digital signage offers brands and businesses that are rapidly changing an opportunity to share updates, news, or policy changes with their customers. You should not just restrict this news to information that has a direct effect on your business alone. You can also include other types of news regarding your industry so that your clients can understand what is going on in the market.

  • Prevent airing of offensive content

You can use digital signage to prevent airing of content that may be inappropriate or offensive to your audience. For companies that deal with children, one can eliminate programming or news featuring stories that kids may find disturbing or troubling. With customized digital signage features, businesses have control over everything that airs in their store, office or waiting room.

  • Reduce wait times

One of the key benefits of using digital signage is the fact that you will have content curated or created specifically for your audience. This will ensure that your customers bored as they wait to be served. When you air entertaining and engaging digital content, customers will feel like they spend 33% less time waiting.

  • Show reviews and testimonials

Most people value and trust customer reviews, personal recommendations, and testimonials. Instead of keeping all your business reviews online, you can share them on your digital displays.  Let the clients in your business premises see what other happy and content clients say about your business. You can achieve this by displaying video testimonials or blurbs of satisfied clients on your in-store digital displays.

  • Build relationships

You can use digital displays to tell your business story and build relationships with your customers. Most consumers want to know the type of businesses that they are working with. Therefore, you can give your brand a face by telling your clients your personal story. You can explain to them how you started your business and what pushed you to share behind-the-scenes videos or pictures about your processes or team.

  • Advertise less known products

If you have products or services that are less known or are not doing well in the market, then you can market them using your in-store digital displays. Customers who love your well-known products will be interested in the otherproducts that you have. Therefore, all you need to do is make sure that they know about other services or products that your business offers.

The power of business digital signage lies in its fluidity and flexibility. It gives businesses a variety of options that they can use and they can customize their digital screens to suit their businesses, unique clients, and goals. There are countless digital signage agencies that can help you explore the various options that work best for your business and target audience. With the right options, you will get the results that you want and take your business to the next level.


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