6 Ways Toys can Benefit Your Dog

You might think that dogs only know how to sleep and eat; however, experts say that dogs possess some thinking skills that are quite similar to human cognitive skills. Studies have shown that they can learn hand gestures and facial expressions, as well as understand plenty of words.

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Dogs are playful creatures. Like human beings, they need to have fun and unwind to keep them physically and emotionally healthy. Regrettably, you cannot always be there to play with your canine friend, but you can keep them preoccupied with high-quality dog accessories and toys.

Mental and physical development, behavior and emotions are greatly influenced by healthy play for dogs.. This activity will help your canine friend expend excess energy that is crucial for appropriate behavior. Dog toys will further encourage play, strengthen the bond between the dog and his owner, and satisfy his instinctual needs.

How Toys Can Benefit Your Canine Friend

1. Provide your dog with exercise

Exercise is the main reason why you must invest in dog toys. Throwing a ball for your dog to catch or find will not just help keep the exercise rigorous but will also make it more enjoyable for both of you. Take him out and play with him in your backyard.

Exercise is a vital part of having a healthy and happy dog since without adequate exercise, your canine friend can become obese. As with humans, obesity is a serious concern since this increases the risk for various illnesses and puts added strain on internal organs and joints. With dog toys from a premier pets supply store, your pet can get that indispensable workout.

2. Promote strong and healthy teeth and gums

Chewing toys will not just keep your dog busy but will also help keep his teeth and gums in excellent condition. There are even specialized chew toys, such as a dental knot that can help clean his teeth, thereby minimizing plaque build-up and leading to fresher breath.

Furthermore, your dog will be less likely to chew up your pillows, cushions, and furniture if you give him his own chew toys to focus on. In turn, this will help save your home from getting torn apart.

3. Alleviate boredom

It is difficult to deal with a bored and/or anxious pet. Sometimes, this is manifested by destructive behavior. Toys can give your dog something to play with while you are busy with your work or house chores. They can work out nervous energy, thus making them happier and a lot easier to handle.

It is also imperative that you rotate your dog’s toys every week; make four to five toys available at a time. Most importantly, always give him his favorite comfort toy.

4. Facilitate development and stimulate intelligence

Mental stimulation is crucial to your dog’s overall health, so look for toys that will offer him a mental challenge. For instance, you can provide him with puzzle games. Once he is successful, give him rewards. These toys are also great for training purposes.

5. Provide companionship

When you are not around, your canine friend will need something to keep him company. Toys can become an excellent source of comfort.

When you leave your home, it is a smart idea to offer him a squeak toy as this will give him the feeling that the toy is interacting with him, thus preventing loneliness and boredom. You can also give him treat-stuffed toys to keep him entertained for hours as he attempts to lick all the food and treats out.

6. Encourage bonding

By nature, dogs are pack animals; they must bond with other members of their pack and feel accepted. An excellent way to bond with your pet is to engage in playtime with their favorite toys.

Moreover, toys can boost bonding in multiple-dog households. Toys can promote interactive play if you have more than one dog at home. It helps dogs to bond with one another.

A dog that has high-quality toys is a healthy and happy pet. He will cope better during times when you leave him at home, providing him with the physical activity and mental challenge he needs to grow well. Toys will also provide you with an opportunity to spend time with your pet and strengthen the bond you share. Make sure, though, to invest in high-quality toys made from safe, sturdy materials.

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