7 Natural Teeth Whitening Home Remedies for a Beautiful Smile

Healthy and straight teeth lead to a beautiful smile. If your teeth are yellowish, stained or discolored, you can never have the desired level of smile. For that reason, you should take your oral hygiene seriously and always focus on cleaning the teeth regularly. Brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning and mouth rinsing on a daily basis can ensure a great smile. Even if you have some dental issues, like fractured, crooked, misaligned or oddly-shaped teeth, there are treatment available for them. In fact, there are home remedies as well which you can try and make your smile as beatific as you always yearn for.

Here are 7 natural teeth whitening home remedies –

  1. Floss your teeth daily

Many us don’t floss at all. We think brushing along will be suffice in cleaning the teeth. Well, you’re mistaken then as toothbrush bristles often can’t reach between your teeth, so a thorough cleaning is never possible. Not flossing regularly means you allow food leftovers, plaque and bacteria to grow inside you mouth and ruin your smile considerably. This can help remove the stain and restore the shine to your teeth easily, provided you floss twice a day. This home remedy does not cost money and you can include it in your daily oral care routine for best effects.

  1. Eat crunchy veggies

You should know that eating crunchy veggies can help clean your teeth and leave you with a dazzling smile over time. Such veggies are great for your oral or dental health and they should be part of your regular diet. Apples, carrots and celery are some of veggies you can eat more often as they work as nature’s toothbrush. They can scrub away bacteria and food residue from your mouth together with stimulating saliva production. The acids in these vegetables can work as abrasive to keep the teeth whiter and make your smile as whiter as you’d expect.

  1. Use straw

If possible, you should cut back on the amount and frequency of tea, coffee, soda and wine. They harm your teeth badly over time and take away their natural shine or whitening glow. Worse still, consumption of these acidic items can leave you with stained or discolored teeth which can make your smile lose its natural charm forever. To avoid such damages, you can use straw to consume these items and prevent any contact between them and teeth. It may seem odd to drink coffee through a straw, but you have no other choice for having a perfect and great smile.

  1. Apply strawberries on the teeth

Your favorite strawberries can actually help you have whiter and brighter teeth. They are a magic fruit when it comes to removing the tartar from your teeth. The malic acid enzyme present in strawberries is the reason tartar is removed from your mouth over a period of time. This fruit is also rich in vitamin c which helps remove the plaque and surface stains to make your teeth a few shades brighter and whiter. The trick is to make a paste of the fruit and apply it on the teeth and see the effect in a few days’ time.

  1. Baking soda and lemon

Using baking soda and lemon for teeth whitening has to be the most common home remedy known to the mankind. In fact, people have using it for ages to whiten their teeth with great effect. The trick is done by the chemical reaction between the citrus of lemon and baking soda. You can make a solution of both the ingredient and brush once a week to see the effect over time. However, you should never overdo this method as baking soda is abrasive in nature and can cause enamel erosion.

  1. Oil pulling

Oil pulling is a tried-and-tested Indian therapy for boosting oral health. This home remedy is safe, simple and it does not cost anything at all. In this, one is required to swish a table spoon of organic oil for 15-20 minutes in their mouth. The oil has to be sucked, sipped or pulled through the teeth for best effect. Once you’re done, you can rinse and spit out the old and then rinse the mouth with water. This is how you can clean your teeth easily and get the desired type of smile.

  1. Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Using food-grade hydrogen peroxide is also a very effective way to whiten your teeth and improve the charms of your smile. This method can help prevent the growth of bacteria and cut back the risk of infections and bad breath. With bacteria gone, all your dental problems will go away easily. You just have to swish hydrogen peroxide in your mouth for a few seconds and then throw it. You can also mix it with water and use the solution for swishing around your mouth for the same effects. You can also consult best dentist in Astoria for more information.

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