A Guide to Buy Genuine Delta 8 THC Products

Even though the selling and purchasing of cannabis products are now legalized in most states, the buying process is still complicated. One reason is the restrictions on where it can and cannot be sold. For example, you might not find genuine THC and CBD products on sites like Amazon because of their seller policies.

Also, take into account that many cannabis products are fake or counterfeit, as disclosed by research. So, how do you go about buying genuine Delta-8-products like Delta-8 vape carts or tinctures?

Know that Delta-9-THC Is Not Delta-8-THC

When buying specifically Delta-8-THC, you must know that it’s not the same as Delta-9-THC. They are different in their effects to a large extent. The average consumer seldom knows the difference. They even use Delta-9-THC interchangeably with just THC, which is technically incorrect.

This generalization comes from the fact that Delta-9-THC is the most commonly used THC. But there can be more than 100 different types of drugs that are derived from the cannabis plants.

To discern between Delta-9-THC and Delta-8-THC, keep in mind that the latter is less potent.

Converted Delta-8-THC is Not Synthetic

When buying products like Delta-8 vape carts, you may see them labeled as “Converted” or “Derived.” But you need to understand that being derived doesn’t mean it’s synthetic, which is illegal to sell, and something you should stay away from.

Delta-8-THC occurs naturally in cannabis plants. But the amount is so low that it’s not viable commercially. Therefore, producers turn to labs to convert Delta-9-THC, which is found in large quantities, to Delta-8-THC through a chemical reaction. The process mimics how nature converts the compounds.

On the other hand, synthetic substances are pure rip-offs with little to not properties of natural cannabis compounds. Hence, they’ve been prohibited.

When Buying Online, Check for Licensing

The THC and CBD market is growing rapidly. And the demand for the products is at an all-time high. Many people are setting up websites that offer Cannabis products, including Delta-8-THC products, to capitalize on this. But they aren’t legalized, nor are they licensed.

To buy from genuine vendors, you need to do some research about the company. Every state has its regulations regarding selling marijuana and THC. So first, look in which state the vendor is and does it hold licensing from the state. They can ship nation-wide, but they need to be regulated in the state they’re in.

You can easily find this information from the “About us” and “Contact us” section. If not, you can send them an email with your concern before you place an order.

Never Buy in Prohibited Areas

The same study, as mentioned above, said that fraudsters operate in prohibited areas. Since people have no option but to buy from them, they can easily sell counterfeit products. Extending the previous point, you should never buy from a vendor located in a prohibited state or area.

Delta-8-THC products have tremendous potential to go into the mainstream because of their less potent nature, but unfortunately, it’s still unexplored. There is limited evidence on the dosage and interval of THC. Therefore, this is something you need to take care of from your end. You might consult a physician for the dose and intake accordingly.

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