Advantages of Having a Lean Body


Many people are unaware or what a lean body is. The term lean body basically refers to having a body which has a very low fat content, yet the amount of muscle in the body is more when compared to the quantity of fat. Many people compare lean body mass to the fat while lean body mass is not fat in any way. However, the others who are aware of the definition, think that lean body mass is a fat free mass. That is also not true, in the lean body mass, a small amount of fat is also involved. Although it is a very small percentage, but we cannot say that it has zero percent of the fat.

So a lean body is basically a fit body. A body which has the fat in the adequate amount but has muscles so it does not look underweight and looks just fine. It is also referred to as the body, which has more muscle compared to the fat or the body that every fitness freak would want to have.


The goal and dream of every body builder and every fitness enthusiast is to maintain or increase the level of the lean mass in the body but to lose weight or to lose weight while maintaining the lean muscle in the body. It might be a very hard job to do and it might take a lot of hard work.

All the people who do not understand the definition of this don’t understand how significant having a lean body is. If you do not understand the significance, when you’ll be old, you’ll look back at your previous life and wish you had worked a bit more harder in taking care of yourself because that way, you would have been safe from a lot of problems that might be occurring to you at that very point.

A lean body is never obese. Which means, it is safe from many diseases such as kidney problems, cardiovascular problems, gallbladder diseases and etc. your body would be safe from all the life threatening diseases and people might look at you and idealize you for being in the old age but still being healthy and active.


having confusions of what to do in order to have a lean body? Don’t worry, we got you.

Given below are all the things you can in order to have a lean body.

Exercise: Exercise basically helps you maintain your body muscle and to shred the extra fat or weight on the body.

Eat healthy: Healthy eating means to cut on the unnecessary calories and to maintain all the healthy and needed fat. A lean body is a body which does not only have a very low concentration of fat but at the same time, the body which is diseases and illness free.

Check Regularly: Having an eye on your LBM is good and could me inspirational. LBM calculator can calculate your lean body mass with some simple queries. So keep in touch with this testing calculator and you will not miss any chance of growth or reduction.

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