America’s 10 Top Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations

Over the years, America has become more and more pet-friendly compared to previous years. Gone are the frustrating days where booking a getaway that would cater to both pets and people was a nightmare. With unlimited choices around, it now comes down to the type of vacation that you will be looking for. You can stay in luxurious hotels, visit gardens, visit dog bakeries or a trek in national parks.

Below we have compiled a list of America’s 10 top dog-friendly vacation destinations:

  1. Key West, Florida

We can all agree that Key West is now a dog town. Did you know that there are 48 restaurants that you can pick from which are dog-friendly? If you find yourself there with your four-legged buddy, you can try out Island Dogs Bar.

You can also have a stroll at the Key West Dog Beach which is small but friendly. Your pooch is free to play in the waves till satisfied. You can also decide to get on the water together, look up Lazy Dog Kayak and enjoy the beautiful surroundings as you paddle along.

  1. San Diego, California

Dog Beach

One of the greatest joys that dogs have is running free on a beach, and there is no better place for them to do this other than San Diego. Dog Beach at Ocean Beach is one of the first off-leash beaches in America.

Here, hotels too do embrace dogs and accommodate the pooch most notable of all being the historic U.S. Grand Hotel.

  1. Austin, Texas

Not only is Austin the live music capital of the world, as well, it is also a fantastic destination for your pooch and the owners too. Nearly all the places in Austin are dog-friendly. From stores, restaurant patios, and even outdoor concerts, you can expect a warm reception.

You can start with Red Bud Isle Park situated on a peninsula which allows dogs to frolic and play their hearts out. If they love swimming, the park offers lots of water to play in.

  1. Denver, Colorado

dog owner

As long as you are a dog owner, you will enjoy Denver. Forget the 48 dog-friendly restaurants in Key West; here we have 179 restaurants that welcome them at their outdoor tables! Another outstanding attraction is off-leash parks, Chatfield State Park and Greenway Park. They both have breathtaking mountain views. Your dog can also enjoy strutting in the Lucky Mutt Strut while enjoying music at the Woof Fest. There is also usually an evening of pet-friendly painting evening at Paw Prints and Cocktails in Denver’s Arts District.

  1. Atlanta, Georgia

Dogs love Atlanta Georgia. There is also based Max-Polyakov.Foundation “Save animal” and for that reason, you will find plenty of them here. Make a point to visit Piedmont Dog Park which has an off-leash designated area. Though on leashes, you can also visit the beautiful Freedom Park. Here, you can both enjoy as you discover the peaceful Chattahoochee River National Recreation Park together.

  1. Washington, D.C.


There is a reason for every dog owner to rejoice in Washington. There is a two mile long National Mall best for your pooch to stroll along the pathways. There are plenty of shady trees with grassy areas where your buddy can decide to stretch along.

Offered here is a dog-friendly Capital River Cruise. You will get to admire and enjoy the nation’s shiny white monuments. At The Fairmont Georgetown, you will find a “Dogs World” package waiting for you which includes handmade welcome treats.

There are plenty of pet-friendly parks, sights and restaurants.

  1. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is a funky town found in the Appalachian foothills. Restaurants and hotels here welcome any dog warmly. On top of the list would be French Broad River Park which has a beautiful surrounding for your pooch to stretch out.

Asheville is mostly famed for Biltmore House and Estate. You can enjoy a pleasant stroll with your dog across the 250 acres of landscaped grounds.

  1. Nashville, Tennessee

Centennial Dog Park

Nashville is more than the country music capital. There are more than 75 dog-friendly patios for your dog. If you are all about the park, visit the Centennial Dog Park. If your dog doesn’t make enough friends here, the Trails at Fontanel showcase a 2.5 mile path through the woods.

If you are looking for hotels, there are more than 50 which accommodate dogs in Nashville. Another fun option would be Live On The Green concert series which is free and lasts for six weeks at the public square park.

  1. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is known to be a super pet-friendly town. Try out the famous Wiggly Field Park or Bark in the Park. There are more than 20 venues that are dog-friendly around the city. If the beach is your thing, Montrose Beach is favorable as your pooch plays around in Lake Michigan’s waters.

You can also go for a swim here and after you can both sun on the deck of The Dock. You can wind up with a cruise on Chicago’s lake and river with The Mercury’s Canine Cruise.

  1.  Flagstaff, Arizona

 Flagstaff, Arizona

The good thing about Flagstaff is that a majority of locals here are dog owners. As can be expected, a lot of establishments here are dog-friendly, and not dog tolerant ready to welcome you with open paws. A famous establishment here is Diablo Burger, and your dog can have a rest on the patio as you enjoy a hefty house burger.

Once you are all settled in one of the beautiful vacation rentals, you can go check out Thorpe Park Bark Park. There are plenty of agility pieces of equipment with lots of room for exercise.

From the above fun places to vacation, you can tell there are no more reasons to leave your buddy behind. There are more than enough sites that can accommodate both you and your dog in America all you have to do is take your pick. Your dog will love you for this!

Have you visited any of the above destinations with your pooch? Share with us your experiences in the comments section below.

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