Android Auto Head Unit for Your Vehicle

Android is everywhere. And now Android is on your vehicle. In 2014 Google announced Android Auto. And in 2015 it finally has become a truth.

Android Auto head unit is devilishly easy. You plug your telephone into a well-matched receiver — both the infotainment gadget that comes together with your car or an aftermarket head unit — with the same kind of cable you use to rate. Your telephone — and the apps you already have — then push information to the massive show that is to your car. No more horrible person interface. So many new features, all with one purpose to hand — preserving your Smartphone from your hand, and you more secure in the back of the wheel.

Android Auto for your telephone

Android Auto actually runs on your phone (Android 5.Zero Lollipop and up), not your vehicle stereo head unit. That way your cell phone is doing the heavy lifting — and using your data — after which pushing the Android Auto user interface to the show. There’s a required separate Android Auto app, and Google Play Services does a lot of paintings here as nicely. You plug your telephone into the auto through a fashionable micro USB cable … And that is it. It (primarily) simply works.

Android Auto app, you’ll click on via a few warnings and disclaimers the primary time you join your cell phone — and you may discover some each at the Smartphone and on the pinnacle unit. It’s quite lots what you’d assume. You’re the driving force first; obey all legal guidelines, do not do something dumb, and so forth. But after that, it is time to position the Smartphone down. Everything might be handled on the automobile display. In fact, you are superficially (however now not completely) close out of the phone whilst the use of Android Auto. You’ll just see “Android Auto” to your cell phone’s screen should you turn it on. It’s not possible to sell off out of that at the same time as you are using, however manifestly nobody’s recommending you do so. Android Auto, at its center, is supposed to make you put your cell phone down.

One amusing reality about connecting your phone to Android Auto: As quickly as you plug in it forces a Bluetooth connection. You shouldn’t set anything up manually. This is how you may make telephone calls.

Android Auto Nav

Android Auto Nav

Cars come in all shapes and sizes and with all varieties of controls, of direction. And for older motors, we have Android Auto-enabled aftermarket head gadgets. So some of the finer info will fluctuate a bit. Maybe you have got quantity and playback controls for your steerage wheel. Maybe you do not. But the splendid element about Android Auto head unit is that the general revel in will be the same whether or not you are in a brand new Audi or decade-old Civic.

And you may not need to download a separate version of your favourite application just for Android Auto. It’s all bundled right into a single app on your cell phone. That’s vital because it allows for a regular person interface — you may not be hunting for playlists in Google Play Music in one area on the display, and searching for the cutting-edge podcasts in another. You’ll find them all in the equal, familiar menu structure. That’s key for preserving things simple in the vehicle, and Google has carried out a certainly first-rate task with it.

Google Maps is what you get, unsurprisingly, with Android Auto. It’s totally possible that it is not the best mapping service to your vehicle — but this might nicely be the handiest one you will ever need to apply. Google has struck an awesome balance between glance-able records and value. You can search and initiate navigation with your voice, via the menu gadget, or via from the Overview display.

Calls and Messaging

If there may be one aspect Android Auto will do for you, it makes you a safer motive force on the subject of making and receiving telephone calls and texts. If you have in no way had Bluetooth constructed in for your automobile earlier than, this could alternate your lifestyles. No greater keeping a phone on your face. You can easily appearance up and dial a person the use of best your voice. And the touch points on the show are massive, clear and easy to use. If you must use a dialler, there is one as nice.

Again, the point is to hold your arms off your telephone and your eyes on the street. And to this point, Android Auto head unit does this thoroughly with calls and texts.You can visit to read the best information on car accessories

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