Are Smartphones without the Internet Really Smart?

We have been very smart, in almost all categories of inventions. Today, we have smart homes, smart vehicles and smart phones. But what does this smart means when we talk about specifically these things that we used in our routine life? Are today’s home smarter than the home that our predecessors had? But how? Maybe at their age homes were supposed to be larger with big rooms and wider windows and expanded loans, but now we are able to adjust more peoples in small areas creating small rooms and mobilizing technical assistance and skyrocketing rather than the wider house. But, I am in doubt that it is because of our smartness or exigency of time on account of the population bomb.

Similar is with the vehicle, before we had monster shaped vehicles with slow speed and uncomfortable seats. That were swallowing the fuel instead of consuming it and were causing air-pollution. On the other hand, now we have smart, fast, comfortable and eco-friendly vehicle with fuel-saving capacity.

Smartphone vs phone

Likewise, why do we say smartphone a smartphone? Is it really smarter than the older one? If it is really smart, then what are the things that make it smart and unique or more productive than others? To analyze its smartness we here too compare it with the older phones and diagnose it aspects that make it different from the older one. The basic, common and most important feature of every phone is to make the call. And we see we can make the call whether the phone is an older or new one. But why a smartphone is different and expensive.

 Unique Feature of smartphones

Mobile phones that we use these days have multiple features. We can play games on these mobiles. We can listen music on smartphones. We can make video calls. And we can get a map guide too. Moreover, we can install different apps that are made differently for different programs. Besides this, a lot more that we can visit or with our smartphone like; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, that has grabbed and made crazy almost the whole world. Apart from this now we can hire Uber or Careem to travel on our mobile phone. These all are the aspect that we didn’t have in other mobiles or older mobiles.

Games in Smartphones

We have been busier than ever. Our challenges have been more difficult and multidimensional and are in multitudes. Routine work has been more challenging and hectic. In this scenario, physical and digital games are imperative for the physical and mental relaxment respectively. There are thousands of games that we can install in our mobile phones via the internet from App-store or play-store. Now online gaming is in trend, many of my friends play online games, Pub G, Fortnite, Dota2, all the time. 

Access to Social-Media APPs

Social media apps have a very positive role in connectivity, integration and globalization. We have been very close to each other. These have shunned many stereotypes that were once prevailing in the world regarding other nationalities before we interacted through these apps. I have many friends who belong to other nationalities on Facebook. Similarly, these social media apps have a very positive role in the promotion of journalism or freedom of speech. Through these smartphones, we can log in to these social media apps given that if we have internet.

Multi-Apps Capacity

Smart phones have the capacity to operate multiple apps at the same times. There are many apps that help us in different task respectively to their programming. For instance, TV channels, educational institutes, different brands and newspapers and many other organization have their apps we can connect to them from these apps in our mobiles via the internet. The Internet is mandatory here too.

Movies, songs and Entertainment videos Streaming

Hundreds of movies and thousands of songs and many other informative and entertaining videos are there. Like many other, I am too a dying-heart follower of Game of Throne. And I watched all seven season on my smartphone because I couldn’t manage my time to watch this on time. But thank to my beloved phone I saw all episode on my phone while sitting in the office.  We can entertain and mesmerize ourselves from these movies and songs by watching any movie and listening any song anytime in our smartphone given that we have the internet on our mobile phone.

Video Calling feature

Today, technology and advancement at its apex, everyday scientist and technicians introduce advanced devices and gadgets. When the phone was invented it was considered as a big miracle of human history. People were amazed that how voice can travel in electronic and waves. But now we can even see another person, whether he is millions of miles away from us via video call in our smartphones having internet package.

What if we vanish internet?

The internet has enthralled all aspect of our life. It has transformed and brought smartness in every field of life. We have been more advanced, just look at mobiles, we have a guru in our pockets in shape of mobile that helps us in multidimensional ways, for example, we can hire a car with it, and we can read a newspaper or watch the news on our mobile and we can play games on it.

All these features in our smartphones require internet for operating. Means without internet we can’t even do a single thing for which we supposed to buy a smartphone. Let synthesize it, this is the internet that makes a phone a smartphone. Without the internet, there is no difference between a smartphone and a simple phone except it cost that we bear to purchase it.

Now we have thousands of Android phones brand circulating their advertisement with astonishing and profound features. But a single of them is applicable without the internet. Without the internet, smartphones are just a bit different from the 80s or 90s mobile that allow a call and a snake game in its software. Hence, this is the internet that actually makes them smart.

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