7 Benefits of Foot Massage for Runners

Our feet are basically the only part which allows us to move around, without it we’re nothing. They literally help us stand up and bear the brunt of all our morning jogs. Despite all the things they do for us, we still ignore them. A foot massage is one way to help our feet stay healthy and active. Always remember to get foot massages as they are incredibly essential and you can pair your favorite essential oil with an amazing massage chair, so you feel relaxed and ready. Foot massages have numerous different benefits or advantages, so we have listed down some for you.

Every technique of massage is relaxing, calming and makes your body eliminate the stress it is carrying. Everyone always considers the neck, back or shoulders to get massaged when they are stressed, but they fail to realize that a foot massage can be as effective. Researchers believe that even ten minutes of foot massage can uplift the mood and lower the levels of anxiety or stress. You can have a massage on a comfortable massage chair that offers entire body massage to you in a short amount of time. The massage on massage chair is also very effective in reducing stress and anxiety. It makes you feel relax and active..

Better Sleep

  • Better Sleep

Reflexology can set your sleeping patterns right and eliminate insomnia from your lives. Massaging the foot can help you sleep for some healthy number of hours and release stress. The solar plexus is found in the foot, and if you accurately press the top of the foot inward, all your stress will be released since it is all stored there.

Improved Circulation

  • Improved Circulation

Our inactive lives or the lack of exercise can weaken the flow in a body. Even if your toes are tingling for no apparent reason, might be a result of low circulation which you can quickly fix with the right foot massage.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

Heart attacks, kidney failures, and other problems can be caused by hypertension or high blood pressure. Consuming the right foods and a foot massage can quickly lower your blood pressure. Some researchers tend to say that some patients got their blood pressure on such an incredible level that the dosages for hypertension were reduced after they got a foot massage.

  • Faster Recovery

Massaging some specific parts of the foot can help reduce joint pain or muscle soreness. It can also minimize the risk of plantar fasciitis which is a quite painful injury. Too much standing, doing sports, or being overweight can result in plantar fasciitis.

  • Headaches and Migraines

You should give foot massages a go if you often go through headaches or migraines. The point for headaches is on the inside of your big toe and second toe. This is a quite useful way and can make your migraine or a headache disappear.

  • Nail and Skin Health

Regularly massaging your feet with essential oils is the best way to keep your feet, nails, and skin happy! It prevents the skin from getting dry and cracked which later results in unfortunate situations involving infections. As we all know it’s also a healthy way to keep, the nails and skin hydrated. Plus they also keep you away from fungus related situations.

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