Best 9 Things to Know Before Starting Designing for the Web

Web designing is something that adds value to your content to what you see in the websites. It not only makes the website look presentable but also attracts the viewers and makes them stay a bit longer in the web page. A web designer understands his market and has a lot of options to choose from. Having said that, it is absolutely possible to get a good job in web designing. However, there are no limited points for web designing, but again this is something you must learn about in time. Here are the points to keep in mind before starting web designing:

1. Keep in mind that this is an endless road:

There is no end of the road here. Nobody is perfect as well as nobody is going to know everything about the usefulness of web designing in one go. However, that exact scope of learning is what makes it more interesting. Even the best web design company would not expect you to know in and out about designing and rather want you to work on your own skills and improvise them as if there is no end to it.

2. There is no absolute formula to it:

There is something common about the web designers. They start to figure out things one day at a time. People would suggest the frameworks, CSS styles and CMS that are needed but the real answer lies in them who work for you. There is no formula or strategy, it is just the client’s need and requirement. Among the answers that you get, you need to know what is perfect for you according to the people you work for.

3. The importance of the content:

You must take ample time to understand the requirements of the client before you could go ahead with anything required from them. Any kind of design is about fixing the problems that are caused and provide people with a visual treat. The client and the audience requirements are something that should be the focus of your design. Once that is achieved, there is nothing to worry about beautifying the website, as it would come in every update now and then.

4. A website must be compact:

There is something which the clients also admire is to fill the page with as much information as possible. The internet is a growing medium and the general rule says that a visitor must find out what he looking for in maximum 3 clicks. However, making something simply does not mean that you do not provide content at all. Instead, it means about subtracting some elements until you are not left with something that is necessary.

5. Keep it simple:

Making something simple is really tough but the easiest way to do it would be to make a streamlined routine to follow. This would include the when and where and also about the techniques to find out how to subtract elements. This can be considered as one of the most important rules to follow for web designing.

6. Idealise your colors:

The colors are the most difficult choice. Ideally, the colors should be used according to the content you are writing for and also sometimes about the brand logo. For instance, you cannot use any other color except for RED, when you are creating a website for KFC. Similarly, you cannot use dark colors when your website talks about meditation, peace, harmony and etc. It should go with the purpose as well as the mood.

7. Focus on your skills:

Here, the best thing you have got is that the steering is in your hands. You are the designer and you are the one who is capable of making things the way you want. You will have to let go of the notion that the customer is always correct. Clients will be there to provide feedback and help you with their opinions but again, you should be the one to execute and provide your own ideas.

8. Freelancing:

There is no reason to rush for a job until and unless you are not good with what you do. It is better to go for freelancing as it would help you to learn and meet new people from the same community as well as make way for your development towards it.

9. Learning is the key:

Last but not least, learning is something that should be your absolute goal. Even if your client provides a feedback it should come under the learning point of yours. The more you learn, the better you become. Every trained web designer is trying to learn more and more and to find out what is best for them. In this process, they come to know what is best for the people they work for.

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Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on node js web development and Game Design Development etc.

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