Top 5 Best Live Streaming Platforms for Professional and Business Use

In this current era of digitalization and advancements in technology, sharing pictures, videos, advertising products, conducting meetings and business conferences worldwide is just a click away.

Ever since live streaming came into play, it has evolved over the internet industry enormously. Not only brands but businesses also started inclining towards online streaming services. A sudden rise in digital streaming services has been recorded for the past few years. With each passing year, a large number of businesses, big or small, around the world leverage while using professional live streaming services. Digital streaming services have made it easy for businesses to conduct online meetings and conferences without having to travel. It helps in increasing business productivity while cutting out travel expenses. Relax in your town and simply conduct business meetings around the world, with the help of 360 streaming solutions. There are several other benefits when the business plan to opt for live streaming services. Apart from having conference meetings and making special business announcements, businesses can even use live streaming services for the seminar.

Online streaming services have resolved the hassle of traveling for meeting in person.

A battle has been on between social media platforms to offer the best webcast live streaming services. Key players and various new brands take the help of online streaming services to expand their reach globally. When a business wants to stream live, opting for professional live streaming services is a must. It helps businesses to have 2-way communication and organize business collaborations worldwide. It allows businesses to have discussions on important topics within no time. Online streaming services have completely changed the traditional ways of businesses to expand the enterprise. Same like social media platforms, a large number of professional live streaming platforms are available in the market. A battle has been on between professional live streaming platforms to serve the best. A large variety of accessible streaming options are available online. Selecting the right professional live streaming platform is a challenging task for new businesses that came into play and stepped into the streaming game. Every business is different, so does the needs and requirements. Different online streaming services and professional live streaming platforms will work best for different businesses and serve the purpose.

We will share the top 5 trending best professional live streaming platforms that can help any business to expand its enterprise and reach globally. 

Let’s have a look at the top 5 professional live streaming platforms that will help any business to leverage. 

  1. Brightcove / Ooyala 

If we talk about the latest trending professional live streaming platforms of 2019, Brightcove can’t be missed. Large businesses enterprises that are expanded around the world, can benefit from Brightcove. It is an online video professional live streaming platform that is specifically designed for large businesses. Product offerings like Video Player, OTT Flow, Video Marketing Suite, and many more are divided into several categories in Brightcove live streaming platform. Video Cloud, is a Brightcove’s streaming and hosting platform that supports monetization. All screen player and functional analytics features are the other pros of Brightcove, that add binge to the advantages. Apart from these Brightcove offers various features apart from monetization and advertising. HTML5 all-device video player, video analytics, social publishing tools, token-based REST APIs, 24/7 customer support are some of the other key features of Brightcove. If you find Brightcove the best suited professional live streaming platform for your business requirements, you can simply get the personalized price quote by contacting them directly. The pricing of Brightcove Video Cloud live streaming services is not published online. The quote is customized as per your business requirements. A recent survey reports that it has been helping various big enterprises by serving them with the best online streaming solutions. Brightcove offers 360 streaming solutions and even offers live streaming services for a seminar, apart from helping in conducting business collaborations or conferences. 

  1. Dacast 

Everyone who is aware of online streaming services must have come across the name Dacast. It can’t be missed when the talk revolves around professional live streaming platforms. It is one of the most popular platforms that offer 360 streaming solutions that help any business to leverage. Dacast is an ad-free white-label platform that is being used by many businesses for live streaming around the globe. It is one of the best professional live streaming platforms and is easy to use. One can broadcast Live streaming of a meeting or business conference over all devices including mobiles. Dacast offers live streaming solutions and OTT video streaming across all devices. Recently, Dacast has been in highlight for acquiring streaming platform Vzaar to offer advanced VOD features and China playback accessibility. Dacast comes with many features that make it the most likable and popular professional live streaming platform.

Apart from digital streaming services, Dacast offers a secure video upload along with China video hosting. Dacast Live streaming platform is the first priority of media companies, TV stations, corporate enterprises, non-profit organizations and so on.

Monetization via pay-per-view, subscriptions, advertising, Analytics dashboard, etc. are some of the key features of Dacat.

  1. JW Player Live 

As the name suggests, the JW player was well known as a video player. Walking with the recent trends, it stepped up its game to come ahead in the digital race. The platform has expanded its wings and started offering video hosting and delivery services. The latest highlight of 2019 in the streaming industry is, JW player live started offering professional live streaming as well. JW Player is based on open-source coding and is the first live streaming platform that includes the player itself, apart from other useful features. JW Player Live offers up to 1080p HD streaming along with support for monetization via advertising.

  1. Vimeo 

As our list of best live streaming platforms goes on, Vimeo is the next that hit the charts of the best live streaming platform for businesses. Vimeo was launched long back in 2004, which started offering live streaming services for b2b communications since 2017.

Vimeo OTT solution offers an all-in-one streaming solution for live broadcasting and video hosting. Vimeo live streaming platform supports uploading from any device and offers video analytics best suited for professional live streaming. Large scale business enterprises having substantial budget benefits from Vimeo OTT. Apart from monetization, Vimeo has many other features evolving privacy and security and many more. Boosting audience interaction is the major agenda of Vimeo. Since 2017, when Vimeo stepped into offering live streaming services for businesses it has completely changed its offerings and pricing. Vimeo comes with many pros with an effective plan. It offers white-label service, security features, branding control, 24/7 live streaming, and many other key features required by any business to bloom.

  1. Panopto 

As we proceed further, Panopoto is counted as one of the best live streaming platforms. Panopto helps businesses and universities to leverage. It offers live streaming services, sharing, recording, and managing video content. Panopto is basically focussed and used for internal use for any business. Powerful tools for creating “Internal YouTubes” and integration are offered by Panopoto. Universities around the world consider Panopoto as one of the best professional live streaming platforms. It offers live streaming services for the seminar and has lecture-capture and video-search software embedded in it.

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