7 Tips in Choosing the Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Women

It could have been better, if every individual do not experience any pains at all in his body because when this happens, then he would feel that he can do anything he wants and he can perform his daily routines as well. But, unfortunately, some of you may be suffering from pains in the feet, especially at the bottom of your heel – this pain is called plantar fasciitis.

plantar fasciitis

A lot of individuals had been complaining about this pain because it causes them difficulties in walking, running and moving around. Do you know that the ligaments in your foot, especially the plantar fascia ligaments actually connects the heel to the front of the foot? This will help in supporting your arch or acting like shock absorbers, so that you can walk properly.  Now, the ligaments will be damaged, if too much pressure is applied to your feet. And then, this may also be inflamed, causing stiffness and pains.

One of the activities that may be affected when experiencing plantar fasciitis is running. I know that some women may have been running as a part of your physical fitness activities and work out. Therefore, you are very much affected, if you have plantar fasciitis. But, this should not be a hindrance and a reason to quit running. Now, why don’t you use a running shoes that is specifically designed for your condition? We have here a few tips for you to consider when choosing the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis for women.

best running shoes

  1. Arch Support

A lot of ladies out there work out in the gyms or go to parks to run, but with a plantar fasciitis condition, you have to make sure that you will choose a running shoe with the maximum support for your arch. Remember that the ligaments on the plantar fascia are supposed to give your arch a support for you to walk and run well. But, since it is damaged, then you would find it hard to run. That’s why it is essential for you to consider a running shoe that will support your arch.

If you are going to use a running shoe without enough arch support, then you would surely find it difficult to run because the damaged ligament will be stretched and compressed more. Therefore, causing you pain and this pain may even get worse.

  1. Shock Absorption

Another very important factor that you must consider is the shock absorption. The arch absorbs the shock whenever you are running or walking. But, since you are experiencing plantar fasciitis, then make sure that you are going to choose a running shoe that has the best shock absorption feature.

The pain that you will feel will be lessened, if you will choose a running shoe that offers maximum shock absorption feature. This is more reliable and ideal for your current condition. Remember that the arch will absorb the shock or force every time your foot lands on the ground. So, be very sure to consider this feature well.

  1. Protection

As a runner, you have to make sure that you will choose a running shoe that fits your condition and that will protect your feet. You should not only think about how smooth or tricky the ground or the surface is.

If possible, it must be able to offer cushion for your feet. While you are running, you may be experiencing jolts. Therefore, your feet must be protected starting from your heel going to your toes. If this running shoe is not specifically designed for ladies with plantar fasciitis, then the pain won’t ease out.

  1. Efficiency

When it comes to running activities, you have to make sure that you will choose a running shoe and not just any type of rubber shoes because it is more efficient and designed for running purposes.Imagine yourself putting on any type of shoes and performing your gym workout? Will you feel comfortable? Can your feet cope up with your activities?

Now, for the case of ladies with plantar fasciitis, it is not advisable to put on any other shoes that you will use for running purposes because it lacks support. Therefore, you will surely feel the pain. Aside from that, running shoes provides extra support as well as cushioning, so the pain will be prevented from occurring.

  1. Midsole Cushion

Make sure that your running shoes is designed with a good midsole cushion. This is also an important factor to consider because this cushion will help you reduce and minimize the stress that you may feel on your heels, toes and ankles. Aside from that, it also helps in preventing the occurrence of the plantar fasciitis. And then, this cushion will make you feel less strain when performing various tasks indoor and outdoor.

  1. Reduce Dorsiflexing

Sometimes, you cannot avoid your big toe, giving stress to your plantar fascia. Now, if you are going to use a pair of running shoes, then this occurrence will be reduced. So, make sure that you are going to choose a good pair running shoes not only to prevent dorsiflexing, but plantar fasciitis as well.

One of the features of a running shoes that is designed for a person with plantar fasciitis is to reduce the movement of your toes because this will also put less strains on the ligaments. So, if possible, make sure that you can protect the plantar fascia from any form of stress or strain.

  1. Fitness

Any individual, who buys shoes make sure that it fits well on his foot. Now, if you are already in the shoe shop, make sure that you are going to try and fit the running shoes. Do you know that if does not fit you well, then that may cause you plantar fasciitis?

You also need to make sure that your toes can breathe well, but will not allow the toes to give your arch or heel stress. And then, be very sure that you will get the right size, not too big and not too small.

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