Best Things to Know Before Building Your First Android Application

Nowadays we all are using smartphones and there is hardly a person who is not having a smartphone and it made our lives better and easier in many terms. It not only for our communication it gives access to the internet which provides us with many services. Today we have everything in our hand; we are one click away from everything. The Internet allows us to enhance our knowledge, skills and it also helps in learning new thing and have a glance in the field which is completely new to you. But we ever thought that how these mobile phones work. How these mobile phones know what we need what we want to know and how they work so smoothly without any interruption. Mobile phones are based on an application. Now the question arises that what is an application. Applications are software that is designed for mobile devices. It is designed to run mobile devices.

Android application

Android application is a software application which is designed for android platform basically for mobiles devices such as smartphones, tablet PC running on this application. Android application is developed by developers these are sell and purchase in an online android market where these are uploaded and published. Some are available for free and for some, we have to pay an amount. It is the most powerful operating system which also supports other large numbers of applications and serves its user advanced and modified application.

Benefits of Android application

  • Android application is easy to understand and use for both developers and for the user. Anybody who has the knowledge of Java can easily operate and develop an android application, which is quite easy in comparison of with other programmers with command over other programming languages.
  • Android application can easily modify anytime as per consumer preference and demand. It is an open source platform. Creative and innovative ideas of developers help in making application more users friendly.
  • As it is an open source it allows a developer to introduce their new versions in markets with some new features and opinions.
  • For a developer, it is a low investment with higher returns as some android application are available for free and some are available at a price from which developer can earn a good amount of money.
  • The Android application also provides a facility to operate multiple application at the same time.
  • Android applications provide speed, stability, scalability to mobile devices.

Best things to know before building your first android app

There are many things to be kept in mind before developing an android app. Firstly a person should have a sound knowledge of programming languages especially Java then only a person can build its Android App. Coding is a very important part of programming so one should be good at coding.

Without a plan, an idea is just a seed which cannot work alone. Before programming, one should have a rough draft that what is his objective and the reason for developing an application how it will help a user, these question should there in developers mind and he is able to answer all these questions then only he will be able to develop an efficient application

In order to develop an android app, the most important thing is an integrated development environment and allows you to try experiments. Developing an app is a time took the process as it requires a lot of patience and focuses with determination it is not an overnight process and it is not a onetime task.

Drafting a plan won’t work until and unless it is executed now it’s time to develop android app practically. Steps to develop an android app:

Step 1: Download the Java development kit, install it and do a setup.

Step 2: Then use Android SDK which is a software kit give access to a user to develop an application.

Step 3: Then create an integrated development environment.

Step 4: Use android development tool.

Step 5: Create an application.

Before launching the android app developer should study the market thoroughly and should analyzing their competitors, trends in the market, a new entry in the market and formulate their strategy and do their STP, SWOT analysis this helps them not to repeat their mistake and actively take part in a competition  and adopt changes in the dynamic environment

Augmented reality app development

It is technologies which upgrade user with more information regarding the environment. It expands the user physical world and layers of digital information. It is a technique which helps the virtual environment to replace actual environment .it add sounds, videos and graphics to it with this user can make things more attractive and can enjoy his work. Augmented reality app development has a certain range of data which is used by people and its result is shown in synthetic and natural light. It includes SLAM technology (simultaneous localization and mapping), cameras, sensors, processing, projection, and reflection.


This article is all about the android application it includes what is an application, what is an android application, its importance and how its work and how it is developed. The purpose of this article is to enlighten the reader on the part of Android applications.

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