Best Way to Care for Your Dog in the Winter

How do you ensure your Pitbull puppies stay safe and warm this coming winter?

Pitbulls don’t have a thick fur coat which means they can easily succumb to chilly weather if not well taken care of. If you are raising pitbull puppies for sale or just want to keep them as guard dogs, you will need to know how to get them through the winter season.

Did you know?

Young and old dogs suffer the most during the winter season? Unlike mature dogs, young and senior dogs cannot regulate their body heat.

Which is why you are here. We are going to give you easy tips on how to ensure your pitbull puppies remain warm and fuzzy in winter.

To begin with, you need to understand the kind of threats pitbull puppies face in the cold season. The two common ones are;

  • Hypothermia
  • Frostbite

Frostbite in Pitbull Puppies

Frostbite affects the extreme ends of your dog’s body like the ears, tail, and paw tips. As the dog’s body gets colder, the skin starts to pale. Crystals will start forming around the ears, tail, and paws. These are the early signs of frostbite.

If you touch your dog’s skin, it will feel cold and hard. At this point, you should find warmth for the dog immediately. If the dog remains in those cold conditions longer, the skin turns black and severe skin damage is imminent.

Severe frostbite can result in wounds on your dog. Never allow your pit bull puppies suffer to this point. Take action immediately with the tips we will share later.

Hypothermia in Pitbull Puppies

Hypothermia is a life-threatening condition that affects humans and animals that are exposed to a cold environment for long. Hypothermia causes body temperature to drop below normal. If no action is taken to alleviate the situation, it can lead to life-threatening consequences.

If pitbull puppies get too cold, they will try to curl up together to preserve body heat. They also raise their body hairs to trap hot air from escaping. Some puppies will seek shelter elsewhere to try and beat the cold.

These are the first signs that your puppy is feeling cold. If the conditions do not change, then the first signs of hypothermia in puppies begin to show;

  • The body will draw blood from other organs and center it to try and keep warm. The ears, toes, and tail will feel cold and hard as blood moves away to the center of the body.
  • The skin also starts to pale as the body grows colder. This may be hard to detect in bluenose pitbull puppies because of their grey coat.
  • Because of poor blood circulation, the body starts to shut down its functions. This makes the puppy grow weak and lethargic. Depression is another common symptom of hypothermia in pitbull puppies.

Tips for Keeping Your Pitbull Puppies Safe in Winter

The health of your pit bull puppies should come first this winter. Here is how you ensure those cuddly puppies remain safe throughout the cold season.

  • Bring them inside the house

You will have to invite the little fellows into the house this winter. Invest in a crate or puppy gates to confine the pitbull puppies in one area. Bring a heater close to keep the crate or gated area warm for the puppies.

What if you do not have room inside your house? Read on for your next solution.

  • Wrap them in blankets

Pet blankets will be handy this winter especially for pit bull puppies. The blankets are a makeshift coat that keeps the puppies warm. These come in handy during the puppies’ snooze time. If you cannot afford a new blanket for the puppies, then old sweaters or clean woolen rugs will do. You just need to trap warm air with the rugs to keep the puppies warm.

Keep the pit bull puppies wrapped especially at night. An easy trick is to form a donut ring with the blanket then let the puppy occupy the middle. This ensures they have an all-round warmth while they snooze.

  • Build an Insulated Kennel

If your pit bull puppies for sale cannot sleep in the house, you can build a Kennel for them outside. Use non-conductive material like wood to trap warm air and keep the puppies inside warm. Also, elevate the kennel to prevent heat loss through the ground.

You do not need expensive materials to build an insulated dog kennel. If you have an old wine barrel at home, you only need to cut a square door on one end and it becomes a dog home. Fill its inside with layers of cloth for added insulation.

  • Invest in pet winter jackets

If your pit bull puppies are a bit grown and can move around, you will want them playing outdoors once a while. Why not invest in pet winter jackets for the little guys? The jackets cover them nicely from neck to tail ensuring they stay warm while frolicking outside. Your pup may not like the jacket at first but do not give up.

  • Give your dog warm drinking water

Cold drinking water is not good for pit bull puppies during winter. While cold water quenches their thirst in summer, it can cause your puppies to bloat when its winter. Instead, warm water is good for your dogs this coming chilly season.

We know, they won’t like the taste of warm water, which is why you should throw in a few scoops of Bullyade. Bullyade comes in chicken and beef flavor which the dogs will love. It also packs nutrients like potassium and magnesium which help in regulating body temperature.

Final Thoughts

If you are raising bluenose pitbull puppies for sale, or pit bull puppies to keep as pets, you have to keep watch over them this coming cold season. Remember they do not have a thick coat and they cannot generate adequate body heat. The above simple tips can help keep your pit bull puppies warm and see them through the next season.

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