CBD Oil for Pets: How to Administer It

It’s 2020, which means that everybody has heard about CBD. We know that cannabidiol is only one of over a hundred compounds discovered in cannabis plants. CBD oil is made by extracting this compound from those plants – usually hemp which is a strain of cannabis. The product is not psychoactive and it is known to be perfectly safe and highly beneficial for our pets.

Getting Started?

So, you have finally decided to try the product out? And yet, you are worried whether this will have any effect at all. Not because you don’t believe in the benefits of the drug – because, there is so much evidence that you simply cannot deny its advantages.

You have no concerns about the product’s safety and you are convinced of its benefits. Now, all that’s left is to find your supplier and get the perfect CBD oil for your pet. But, as I have already mentioned, there is something you are concerned about.

Here it goes. When your furry friend is stubborn and picky, it might get a little difficult to administer the medicine. That’s why you are worried that it will have no effect. I understand this concern and so does anyone who has ever tried to give any kind of medicine to a cat, or a dog, or any animal.

It’s like they know every trick in the book and simply refuse to obey you. The minute they see a bottle, or any similar packaging, they run away, hide, or refuse to open their mouths. Clever creatures, aren’t they? But, their cleverness sometimes costs us a lot of nerves. We are trying to help them and they are so stubbornly refusing to feel better. Learn more.

How To Be Smarter Than Your Pets

In addition to the troubles you can have with your animals when trying to give them this product, there might be another thing stopping you. Since you are not a veterinarian, you can be unsure of how this medicine should be administered and if the specific way you have in mind will be effective. Naturally, you don’t want to waste your time and money on doing this the wrong way.

Therefore, I am giving you the chance to outsmart your pets and make sure that they get the most out of CBD oil. Sometimes, you can give them the product directly. Other times, this just has to be done unknowingly. It’s not like you are lying to your loving little creature. Well, okay, it is… But, it’s for their own good. So, let’s check out how you can ensure that your animal takes CBD oil correctly.

Direct Approach

If your pet can tolerate this and if it will allow you to keep its mouth open for a few seconds, then this is the easiest way to apply the drug. There are droppers you can use for the oil. So, if you have that, just draw up the appropriate amount of oil, put the dropper inside the animal’s mouth (the closer to the back, the better), and gently squeeze the dropper. When your pet is calm and obedient, then this is the easiest option.

Treat Ploy

Unsurprisingly, animals love treats. CBD oil is most usually given to cats and dogs. And nobody can deny that these two are crazy about certain delicacies.Since your pet has been like a part of your family for quite some time, you are bound to have learned what its favorite treats are.

Therefore, when your doggie, kitty, or any other companion, refuses to take the medication by swallowing it directly, you need to do some tricks…or treats. You need to do some tricks WITH treats. Let their favorite delicacy absorb the oil and then give it to your little friend. It won’t even know what you are doing, but it will definitely feel the benefits. I know what you might be thinking, but don’t worry; the medicine is effective when administered this way.

Feeding Time

If treats turn out not to be an option, then you need to employ some more cunning tactics. When it is feeding time, make sure to mix CBD oil inside your pet’s food. This works best with wet food. When you apply the oil, let it soak for a few minutes and then simply feed your animal the way you always would. That’s another way of successfully tricking them.

Nevertheless, I need to make something clear. No matter which approach you take, you need to start it slow. That way, you are allowing your pet to gradually get used to the taste of the medicine. After tricking them for some time, you might find that they will become completely comfortable around CBD oil, which means that the direct application may start being possible.

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