How to Choose a Special Birthday Gift for your Best friend

Sending and receiving gift is a custom since ancient time. We gift something to someone to show our love and concern for them. Gifts help to make relationship strong. It can cheer smile on the face of your loved one. Since our birth, we have two kinds of relations, one we already have with our birth and others we make by self in this world. Among these you will have a strong bond with few of them. You have more love and care for such relations than a casual friend. And at the event of their special day like birthday, you always want to surprise them with some memorable gift.

Special or surprise gift helps to fills the gap between relations. Sometimes you have to apart from your near and dear because of higher studies, jobs or work profile. But buying or selecting a special gift for a particular moment is not an easy task. Primarily it depends on the occasion for which the gift is required. Above all to whom you need a gift and what kind of gift is best for him or her. Lot of things starts jiggling in your mind. But you don’t need to be worried about it. I have some creative birthday gift ideas for best friend. Let’s check them out one by one:

Wooden photo frame

best friend wooden frame

You can easily make it at home with an old wooden board which you will find somewhere in your home. Add pictures of some memorable moments to the board. You can write few beautiful lines to express your feelings.


You can surprise your girlfriend to gift her twelve months pre-planned dating places where you will take her with you. It contains a list of places where you both of you will get special time to understand each other better. Such vacations make your love in a non-breakable bond.


You can make a keychain neckless for your girlfriend. Girls are always fond of jewellery. She will love to wear this neckless which carry your love and affection for her.

Kindle Case

If your friend is fond of books and uses kindle to read books. You can make a kindle cover made of leather or velvet.It will protect their Kindle gadget from scratch and get lost.

kindle case for friends

Cotton Doll

Maybe your girlfriend love dolls. Don’t buy expensive Barbie doll. You can easily make it at home with extra clothes and cotton. Take the help from YouTube videos. You will get an idea how to make it at home. On YouTube, you will find many homemade birthday gift ideas for a best friend.

Coffee Mug

A lot can happen over a coffee. You can gift a coffee mug to your friend. Every morning this mug felt her presence. She will fill with your warmth love with each sip of coffee.

Happy Jar

Take a jar filled it with her favorite chocolate and candies. Paste some lovely pictures on it. You can also write few attractive lines on it with the marker. Your love melts inside her with every bite of chocolate. She felt happy to keep it on her table.

Love Letters

You can gift him or her old love letters. Pack them in a beautifully decorated box. Whenever your love one misses you, these love letters will bring a smile to their face. He or she will not feel alone. Such letters take her to the past happy moments which you have lived together.

Printed Candles

A candlelight dinner is perfect for a couple. You can gift her printed candles. A designer candle dinner will add taste to your food. Candle lights seem to appeal your love one to purely surrender herself towards your true love.


Comfy Pillow

One is most comfortable on the bed where you can lie down with peace. A beautifully crafted and hand painted pillow cover may allow her to meet you in the sweet dreams. It is among the popular birthday gift ideas for best friend female.

Handmade Soaps

You will easily find the recipe of making scented soaps at home on you Tube. Your girlfriend will be amazed to receive such a natural and beautiful soap. Definitely, she lost herself in your memories with the aroma coming out from the soap.


Some people love books. Books have a special place in their life. They like to live, eat and sleep with the books. If your girlfriend is too among those, gift her book of her interest. Doing so can help you make a special place in her life apart from the books.

Friendship Bracelets

You can make an attractive bracelet by using colorful threads. Hang a heart shaped metal strip on it. You can write your name on the strip. As she will wear it the entire heart shape strip remind her of your concern and care all the time.

friendship bracelets

Handmade gifts are popular since early days. There are two benefits of them, one it will not make a hole in your wallet and secondary it carries your love and efforts in making it. You give a personal touch to it. You will be luckier if you put up in Hyderabad. You will find many homemade gifts delivery.

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