Choosing Safe Containers for Candle Jars

If you are just starting to make candles, then going in with container candles is always the easy option to venture into. While most people start with a plain jelly jar, but candle jars have endless benefits to them. While selecting a container, there are some safety norms you have to focus on. It should not catch on fire and it must not leak. Moreover, your chosen container should not break or crack due to intense heat.

You are likely to be amazed to see how many unsafe homemade container candles are there in the market. These can easily give rise to issues and burn down your entire place! As selecting the right container for your candle is a crucial issue in terms of safety, making the right choice is always vital.

The ones that won’t catch on fire:

It seems to be the most obvious rule to follow while working on candle jars these days. Making candle out of birch bark bowl or a plastic margarita glass is not a clever option to consider.

  • Some reports have indicated that using flower pots or similar other porous ceramic containers for candle is not a good idea.
  • In case you are trying to use a ceramic porous jar, it is highly recommended that you coat the containers with heavy two coats of decoupage medium before you can make a candle in it.
  • Avoid making candle in a container that can easily burn. That will dissolve the entire purpose of candle making! It really does not matter how pretty the end result will look if the container is not able to withstand the flame!

What features to look for in a container?

If this is your first time looking for candle jars, it is important to see what features you might want to settle in. Apart from being resistant to fire, leaks and cracks, you better start looking for heat-resistant containers for a change.

  • Even when your candle burns properly, the flame and wax pool is hot as it burns. So, the container should be able to withstand that heat!
  • This is the reason on why jelly jars have been so popular and have been around for ages. They are purposefully designed to withstand higher heat and hold the wax reliably.
  • There are other types of glassware available too, as long as they are thick enough to withstand the heat produced by burning the candle.
  • Ceramic bowls, well-sealed metal tins, and properly treated flower pots are some of the wonderful containers. They are more heat resistant than clear glass.
  • Always focus on the shape of the container. If it has a wider mount with a narrower bottom, it will get hotter as the wick burns and might result in cracking.

Avoid leaving the candles unattended:

The most vital thing to remember when it comes to candle jars is that even one designed to be heat resistant can crack under pressure. So, the vital safety consideration to follow is proper supervision. Always remember that the candle remains on a heat-resistant surface and also away from anything that seems flammable. Lastly, never leave a burning candle unattended if you want to keep accidents at bay.

Some options you can try:

Before you proceed further and make a decision with the candle jars, it is important to focus on some ideas or suggestions for containers. It helps you to get a clear idea of what you are looking for.

  • Tea cups
  • Coffee cups
  • Jelly jars
  • Highball glasses
  • Empty candle vessels of your choice
  • Bowl, as long the top is not wider than the base
  • Sealed tins
  • Glazed pottery and more

Focus on the size too:

The size of the candle jar holds a lot of significance as it helps in deciding the amount of candle wax to be poured in. Depending on the space where you are willing to light the candles, it is vital to choose the right size of glass jar accordingly.

Check out the heat resistant and shape features too, as mentioned earlier, and you will end up with the best safe containers for your candle wax. Get the jars online at wholesale rates and start your candle making business.

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