8 Easy to Care Houseplants for Beginners

Plants are the mood lifters that take our minds away after coming back home from a hectic day. But growing plants is not a piece of cake for all. Some people find it difficult to regulate the plant care routine, and others have a black thumb and have the ability to kill their plant without even putting any effort into it. If this is the case, maybe you are starting with something difficult and tricky. Always take baby steps; try to grow low-maintenance houseplants first. It will help you understand the basics of plant care. Here are the 8 houseplants for beginners that you can grow in your home before moving to exotic and high-maintenance species.

  1. Tillandsia

Tillandsia is a genus of air plants that do not need soil to be potted. These plants can be grown or kept just by mounting them on a surface or placing them in a bowl. This is why these are the most beginner-friendly houseplants. All you have to do to keep them happy is water them regularly and keep them in a bright spot. These low-maintenance indoor plants can survive in a wide range of moisture levels. So now you know; air plants are the first type you should buy as a beginner.

  1. Madagascar Dragon Tree

Madagascar Dragon Tree is actually a mini tree that can be grown indoors. It has long, sword-like leaves that are green in color with red borders. It is a great statement plant that can be placed in well-lit parts in a home. Although it looks all-exotic and lavish, it has the least number of care requirements. This plant thrives on neglect; you can even abandon it for some time, and it will still keep its freshness and growth pace.

  1. ScindapsusTreubii Moonlight

Another classy species that can be grown easily indoors is ScindapsusTreubii Moonlight. It is a climbing plant that can reach as tall as 8 feet! Isn’t this height perfect for indoor vertical gardens? ScindapsusTreubii Moonlight is not only a beautiful, low-maintenance species that beautifies indoors; it is also a natural air purifier that filters the air and keeps it free of any toxic pollutants. This lovely vine with silvery green, heart-shaped leaves is the first choice as a houseplant for many beginners as well as gardening experts.

  1. Spider Plant

If you are a beginner who is looking for a plant for your room’s dark corners, Spider Plant is the right choice for you. Unlike many other houseplants, this robust species can survive in low light conditions. It has handsome foliage whose sleek and long leaves curve outwards and dangle all around the base. This plant is one of the best houseplants for beginners because it quickly adapts to its surroundings and can tolerate various growing conditions.

  1. Heart leaf Philodendron

Want to turn yours indoors into a tropical jungle with minimum effort? Try growing a bunch of Philodendrons in your home. Heart leaf Philodendron is an easy-to-care plant that has beautiful, large, heart-shaped, green-colored leaves. This plant needs only the basic requirements to thrive; thus, it is a great houseplant for beginners. And did you know that Heartleaf Philodendron has been declared by NASA as one of the best air purifying plants? All good reasons to get a Philo in your home!

  1. Aloe vera

We don’t have to introduce this species to you; it is already well known for its medicinal and healing purposes. Aloe vera is an evergreen succulent that has a remarkably high tolerance for neglect and harsh conditions. It is an ultra-low maintenance houseplant that does not ask much in return for its favors. So if you have a brightly lit window in your home that receives plenty of sunlight, get an Aloe Vera plant, place it in your windowsill and watch it grow.

  1. Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant is an intriguing species of the evergreen family that is grown widely as a houseplant. It is grown in hanging baskets, tabletops, vertical wall pots, or in window sills. This plant has lovely oval-shaped, dark-green leaves that have white or pale venation. The specialty of these lush green leaves is that they fold at night and open back up at dawn. Isn’t this cool to watch? Also, it is a low-maintenance plant, so if you are a beginner, you should really go for it.

  1. Peace Lily

Let’s add flowers to your home! Peace Lily is a beautiful flowering plant that has minimal care requirements. This plant blooms all year round and produces attractive white flowers that rise above the green foliage below. The best thing about this plant is that it can tolerate low light conditions, so you can grow it in several corners in your home or even in your office space.  Not only this, but Peace Lily also purifies the air and keeps it fresh and clean for you.

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