Exercise During Pregnancy: Myths and Facts You should Know

Pregnancy is a stage that is filled with all kinds of enthusiasm and ecstasies right from predicting the sex of your baby to picking their names and so on. It is even overwhelming particularly for the first-time mothers who are transitioning into parenthood. There are all sorts of dos and don’ts about working out that woman are forced to believe during pregnancy. Ideally, there are other several challenges and surprises during this stage. There is this old-age belief that pregnant women should just lie and rest for the entire nine months. This is due to the myth that those bumpy and bubbly work-outs can put your unborn under threat. Below are some of the common myths and facts about exercises during pregnancy.

Myth: Don’t try new exercise regimen when you are pregnant

No scientific evidence supports the idea that pregnant women should add a new exercise to their workout program. In fact, the key to a proper exercise is to indulge in a variety of activities. Exercises that target cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and strength are the ideal ones and should be part of everyone’s training program. You don’t need to have any experience with a particular exercise for you to do yoga. In fact, obstetricians recommend prenatal yoga for
pregnant women. You can find a good prenatal yoga class with a certified instructor who understands your needs. Pregnancy is the ideal time to start exercising. If you’ve never engaged in any exercise, walking around can help to jump-start your journey. Inactivity is the real peril.

Myth: when exercising, your heartbeat should not
exceed 140 beats per minute

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) recommends that pregnant women are permitted to exercise unrestrained unless personal physician advises against crossing the 140 bpm mark. Heart rates vary from one individual to the other.
There is no lone target’ heart rate for all pregnant women. Experts now use the RPE guide or the rate of perceived exertion. This scale helps you to determine how hard you can exercise depending on your health.

Myth: Vigorous exercises can put your baby at the risk
of overheating

Most people perceive that increase in body temperature due to vigorous exercises can affect the fetus. The fact is that exercising doesn’t compromise the health and development of your baby. In fact, workouts ensure adequate oxygen flow and ambient temperature which is good for the development of your baby. However, if you are exercising indoors, then ensure that there is proper ventilation. It is also recommended to remain hydrated while you exercise.

Myth: Running isn’t safe during pregnancy as it can
shake the baby

You can run provided you don’t have any pain or aches in the joints. The reality is that amniotic fluid cushions the fetus and cannot shake loose in any way. However, joint problems such as round ligament can affect your speed, stride, pace and even the distance you can run. All you need to do is to observe your body needs, but the truth is that running is fine.

Myth: Pregnancy limits the exercises you can do

A majority of women believed that exercises such as swimming could lead to miscarriage. However, swimming is one of the best exercises to do during pregnancy. Exercises that require you to lie on the back, deep muscle and those that cause an increased range of motion can be done but with proper caution. You can contact your trainer to help you determine the type of exercises you can do.

Myth: It’s not safe to do abdominal workouts during

The reality is abdominal workouts provides multiple benefits to a pregnant mother. Experts say that abdominal exercises help to strengthen your core. This is vital especially during labor, delivery and even recovery. It’ll also benefit you after delivering your baby. Therefore, exercises like tightening of abs, seated belly breathing, standing pelvic tilts and holding and releasing are great for any
pregnant mom. When you are comfortable, then it means your baby is comfortable too.


It’s good to be clear and demystify all the myths that people have regarding exercising during pregnancy. We all know that pregnancy is a wonderful stage that brings lots of positive changes to your health. Depending on your previous fitness plan, you can start with a 10-15 minute workout each day. You can also seek for the best and easy pregnancy yoga that will help improve your health and that of your baby. If pregnancy goes well, exercise can give you and your baby only benefit. Especially If you are smoker, thanks to workout you will not feel desire to smoke. Taking steps now to stop smoking gives your child the opportunity to live a full and healthy life. These exercises do not only benefit your health, but also help improve the elasticity of the vaginal muscles. As a result, you feel at ease while in labor.

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