This Goes Out To Every Teenage Pregnant Lady Wishing They Could Reverse Time

A baby is a blessing to a family, but when they come at the wrong time, one might be condemned and termed immoral. The community is quick to judge and point fingers on mistakes, spending hours talking about people’s flaws. An unplanned pregnancy may be wrong in people’s eyes but does it mean that it is the end of one’s aspirations and dreams?

Statistics reveal that in 2015 alone, more than 250,000 teenage girls gave birth in America. These numbers keep on increasing every day even with sex education being taught in school. Today, we are not here to condemn anybody for the previous mistakes, but help victims and parents dealing with teenage pregnancies know how to deal with the situation.

Help for the pregnant lady

Attend a pregnancy women’s center

Help for the pregnant lady

You may have taken a pregnancy test from home but seeking further information can help you know what to do. Visiting such a resource enables you to find out how far you are while pregnant and teach you more about teenage pregnancy. Confide in a doctor who can conduct an ultrasound to test the condition of your child. Here, you will not be judged for falling pregnant while still in school. They also help you fight low self-esteem as you look for ways to cope with your family and the entire community.

Inform your parent

You may not have been close to your mother, but this is the stage where you need her the most. Hiding a pregnancy from a mother is impossible. Informing them will save them the frustration of finding out on their own. The news may come with disappointments and anger to a parent, but in the end, you matter a lot to them.

Let the guy responsible for the pregnancy know

Let the guy responsible for the pregnancy know

Most pregnant teenagers have a difficult time deciding whether to inform their boyfriends or not. This is because you may have been involved with a young person who may probably reject you with the claims that they are not ready to be a parent. This can cause depression and affect the health of your unborn child. It is advisable to inform them instead of carrying this heavy burden alone.

Find healthy ways to cope with your feelings

The reaction of your father may be too severe due to denial and anger. Some pregnant teenagers are asked to leave home and find themselves alone with no one to turn to. This situation makes most of them try to find comfort in drugs and alcohol abuse.  KS recovery resources will help you stay clean from drugs so that you can prevent your baby from health complications.

Meditation and light exercises will help you keep stress levels in check to prevent these feelings from affecting your unborn child. Spiritual guidance can also offer motivation to boost your confidence and avoid negative thoughts.

Weigh your options

Looking at all the possible options will help you know what is right for your child and your future. This is because teenage pregnancy makes some young mothers get suspended from school. Depending on the situation you are in, decide whether it is possible for you to raise your child and still proceed with your education.

Look at adoption option if you lack the financial support to raise your child. Find a reputable agency that would ensure that your child is raised by loving family so that the decision does not affect you for life.

Seek support from adults

Seek support from adults

Consulting adults when you are in this situation will help you determine the next step. Midwives and prenatal clinics will teach you everything you need to know about pregnancy.  Talk to a counselor in your school to get emotional help. Avoid making rash decisions without help from an adult. This will save you regrets and give you peace of mind by sharing your pain.

How to support your pregnant daughter

How to support your pregnant daughter

Parents should moderate their emotions so that the girl does not turn to unhealthy practices. They can do this through:

Accepting the situation

Denial from a parent can make them say or do things that make the situation worse. Accepting that everyone is bound to make mistakes will help you know how to cope with the news. Anger is normal but how you let out these emotions to your daughter can break a good relationship. Talk to a close friend to help you deal with your feelings.

Showing support

Your daughter may have let you down, but this is not a reason to kick them out of your house. Pressuring them during this delicate stage may affect your daughter and their unborn baby. Process these feelings in your own way and then show your support. Assuring the girl of your help will give them the confidence to face every challenge that comes with pregnancy.

Avoid deciding on behalf of the daughter

Pressurizing a daughter to take an option such as abortion as you try to conceal the shame is not right. Let them make their decision and respect their wish without questions. It reduces confusion and self-doubt in a victim. Remember that it is their life and this delicate matter will have an impact in their life.

Educating your child on parenting

You may support your daughter financially and emotionally but teaching them on how to be a parent will make them independent even in your absence. Give them lifestyle skills that they can use to raise the baby well without supervision. You can start with the basics such as allowing them to cook and book the doctor’s appointment without your help. These skills will help be good mothers ready to welcome the child.

Final thoughts

Many people view teenage pregnancies negatively. Even if unprotected sex is not right, one should not be ashamed of their unborn child. Accepting the situation will help the daughter and the entire family prioritize what is best for them. Instead of looking down upon yourself, you should learn from your actions and be cautious in future. Do not let your past define you, but use it to improve yourself as you find healthy ways to cope with the pregnancy.

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